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Keky on 07/16/2013 at 09:51PM

Keky primo cantante sul tacchi

Si lancia sul mercato progetto inedito musicale!Keky ha uno stile eccentrico di moda: tacchi, capelli viola e trucco. Il brano “Laid Back“ è buono per ascoltare, dopo una rottura, perché ha un ritornello esplosivo. Keky non vuole seguire certi schemi, così ha formato il suo stile, la moda e l`approccio di genere. Questo progetto rappresenta una vera sfida per lui perché vuole cambiare la mentalità, con il rischio di essere accusato.Ha lavorato per l`abbigliamento, i capelli e il trucco con un team di professionisti. Attualmente, “Laid Back“ sta ascoltato in - più grande radio online in tutto il mondo. La canzone è entrata i dj set da Spagna, Italia, Germania e Paesi Bassi.


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elizalomas on 07/27/2010 at 04:41PM

Keep it Local


There is no doubt that we all appreciate the importance in supporting local and national music scenes. The difficulty more often lies in keeping on top of scenes elsewhere that aren't given enough limelight.

In the case of Romania's burgeoning electronic music scene, proximity to the country may be an issue for most us in the rest of the world. Luckily for us, the Romanian net label Local Records is rectifying this issue by distributing some of their best artists' tracks for download on the FMA.

Showering us with new genres and interesting sounds, this label is propelling artists on the top of their game. Anything you may have heard about Romanian scene will be attached to this label (think Cosmin TRG and The Model). We will all be wishing they were a little more local.

From the selection, listen to Minus- a Red Bull Music Academy graduate who creates wistful Dub, improvises groovy bass and masters heavenly synth-pop.

For an introduction to Balaeric Dub, listen to the transcendental Bogdan, who has provided us with an hour long live mix of sandy beach smooth and crystal water cool.

To get an overview of it all, do the easy thing and download the Local Records Buzz!Ro 2010 compilation.

Find out more: Local Records website

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