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herr_professor on 03/08/2011 at 10:26AM

Rolemusic and the Role of Visuals


It may be less well know than it's musical counterpoint, but the role of game and 8bit computer derived visual elements have become an essential element of both the live and recorded chip music expereince. Pixel Artists and Motion Visualists like NO CARRIER, The C-men, Enso, and Sander Von Focus are jsut some of the dozens of impressive artists who along with chip musicians are able to recreate and transcend the classic multimedia experience of an 8bit game and present it for modern audiences. Yesterday on Enough Records we saw a release from Rolemusic named Straw Fields. The album, a 5-song EP of baroque 8bit tracks from the ZX Spectrum also features cover artwork from Spain's Raquel Meyers. Her artwork and motion graphics embrace glitchy minimalism with blocky monsters and barfy color schemes, and combined with the appropriate music it becomes a transcendent experience. Staring at the cover art while listening to Rolemusic medieval tunes is a good start, but also take a look at her video page and join us here in seven for some previews of chip music at SXSW.

As a side note, I hope you will support WFMU's Pledge Drive, especially DJ friends of the chip scene, Talk Cheap, Sound and Safe, Busy Doing Nothing, and so many more! Mas Love Wfmu!

Rolemusic - "Poppies" (02:23)
Rolemusic - "Poppies" (02:23)
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