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“Robedoor” (Used 3 times)

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miscellaniac on 10/11/2012 at 11:00AM

Altered States: A Mix For All Seasons


It’s the time of year when pools of inner elbow sweat evaporate and become spontaneous autumn drizzles. Clammy, odiferous subway commuters transform into coughing, sneezing incubators with winter itch. Solids, liquids, and gases play musical chairs. Now they have a soundtrack.

1. Strange Forces “Liquid Sunlight” - Berlin-based Aussies pluck you from the air, where you find yourself falling through the time vortex and landing smack dab in the middle of a bunch of Bushwick druids on a crisp night.

2. ARMS “Heat & Hot Water” - Experimental indie pop that is accessible, yet complex. Also a good remedy for bronchitis!

3. John Vanderslice “Underneath the Leaves” - Perhaps a metaphor for the cycle of loss and renewal that accompanies the seasons. Sounds like Jeff Mangum with a light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Noi “Everything Is Changing” - Could this be the next (Thai) Jandek? Though mysterious, this track is part of the Music for Video portal and has even been used in an FMA member's web series already! 

5. Ghostland Observatory “Freeze” - You will be overpowered by funk to such a degree that you will not only cut a rug, but wrap yourself in it for warmth.



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Nat_Roe on 11/26/2010 at 03:30PM

Robedoor Live at WFMU (mp3s)

IMG_4729 A couple weeks back LA noise titans slash cultural lynchpins Robedoor did me the honor of recording a live session in WFMU's studios during a rare and excessively brief East Coast tour. Although Robedoor began as a two-piece drone band with dozens of releases on just about every cool noise label out there, the recent addition of Geddes Gengras as a drummer has brought the band closer to the unholy realm of doom metal.

Alex Brown supplied (among other things) keyboard riffs that form the backbone of the jams - his rig is so bass heavy that I actually couldn't tell whether he was up too loud in the mix or whether the floor was just shaking. Britt Brown played guitar and vocals, with a slew of pedals to throw off any semblence of the concept of a "song". The track "I thought you were the Devil" is off Robedoor's recent LP on Important Records, Burners. Parallel Wanderer, by far the longest track in this session, will appear as a full side of a yet untitled upcoming LP. This seems to be following Robedoor's usual method of writing songs: jamming it out with live improv until the completed song idea emerges from the murky depths.

IMG_4727Or maybe the secret to Robedoor's success is putting beer in every meal they eat? Alex runs an excellent and hilarious food blog called Hot Knives that seems to indicate a predilection for hoppy breakfast dishes. Speaking as somebody who loves nothing more than the rhetoric of high end menus, the Hot Knives archives are great because you get classy dishes with rock and roll commentary. For god's sake, he teaches you how to make the "über pre-choucroute", Kimchi from scratch!

Then again, Robedoor's ability to touch on a hundred genres at one is probably because Robedoor members are so involved with underground noise culture. Britt Brown runs Not Not Fun records, which has released a ton of material from many perennial WFMU favorites. I'd explain more, but there really aren't words. I'd recommend blasting this live session over your best sound system while nerding out to lists of releases from Not Not Fun and Robedoor on discogs.

Thanks to Jason Sigal for these photos and for help with engineering the recording.

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