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Mikkie_Mills on 05/31/2019 at 09:25PM

To Sleep or Not To Sleep...

To sleep or not to sleep is never really the question one wants to ask. The one part of life that is unavoidable and beyond necessary is our sleep needs. Sleep is never overrated. It is imperative. We sleep to heal, we sleep to rejuvenate, we sleep to live again. There is an alarming rate of Americans that are not getting enough sleep. One out of Three Americans are not getting enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, At least 45% of Americans say that lack of sleep is affecting their lifestyles and daily routines. There is a difference between sleep quantity and sleep quality. Stress and leading an unsatisfactory life are two things that can lead to low quality sleep. Health and wellness go hand in hand with a person's sleep life.


There are so many factors that lead to loss of quality sleep. There are differences between the genders that play a role in sleep issues. For men it is more likely that they have snoring issues, while women are more likely to suffer due to insomnia. Sleep Apnea is also an issue for at least 11% of Americans. Lots of people who suffer from this condition are still not diagnosed. Sleep studies are being performed continuously to help those in need of solutions.

One possible solution to getting to sleep can be addressed by finding soundtracks that compliment sleep. There are several options to try that can result in better sleep habits. Here are a few suggestions that can lend to more quality sleep.


  • To the Moon and Back- Luke Bryan

  • Hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright

  • Like Real People Do- Hozier

  • Tiny Dancer- Elton John

  • Midnight- Coldplay

  • One- Ed Sheeran

  • Return to Me- Dean Martin

  • Once Upon a Dream- Lana Del Rey

  • Can’t Stop- OneRepublic

  • The Edge of A Dream - Minnie Riperton

  • I Want to Write You a Song- One Direction

  • If I Could Fly- One Direction


Online there are so many more songs that you can find to get right into the best mood to sleep.


The correlation between being in a comfortable state of mind and getting ready for sleep can be altered by music. Music is one of the most comforting things we have in this life. The notes, words, and tunes can actually place us in a state of relaxation. In terms of other ways to enhance sleep pillows and mattress play an important role. Industries have come up with various mattresses to compliment sleep. One of these new and beneficial beds is a natural latex mattress. These mattresses are organically resistant to body heat, dust mites, and mold just to name a few of the benefits to owning a latex mattress.


Our bodies need to be in a comfortable position from head to toe in order for our entire body to relax, but that is not all that needs to happen in order for us to get the best sleep possible. Clearing our minds and/or placing something on our minds is also needed. It is also recommended to listen to the sounds of nature, like waterfalls, birds, and running rivers.


If you are experiencing any type of sleep disorder it is surely affecting the way you live your life daily. In these times there are many ways to assist in regaining quality sleep. Be willing to explore different ways to find your best sleep situation. Music, Comfort, Bedding, Pillows, Environment, Temperature, Regular checkups for diagnosis for possible ailments that can trigger sleep disorders are all ways to confront sleep issues.


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happypuppyrecords on 04/22/2015 at 09:20PM

Cosmic Tingles

The latest installment in Lee Rosevere's Time-Lapse series was released on April 9, 2015 in conjunction with ASMR Day.

Time-Lapse Volume 3: ASMR features slow-moving ambient music inspired by ASMR videos, in particular those of famous Youtube user and ASMR artist GentleWhispering.

ASMR is a tingling sensation in the back of the head and travels down the spine, triggered by particular sounds.. such as tapping, softly-spoken voices and even simple mouth noises.

Not everyone experiences tingles, but some find it extremely relaxing, as we hope you find this album.

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Pablo Ribot - "Julie" (01:57)