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happypuppyrecords on 01/13/2017 at 05:35PM

Music inspired by MiNRS

from Kevin's blog

Hey there! Lee Rosevere here.. thanks for reading this - the first official post as Happy Puppy has moved our homebase to the FMA. And I got something new..

It never ceases to amaze me how giving away my music for free has come back to me in many ways - videos, podcasts, short films.. it's led to some amazing opportunities for me. Most recently, young adult author Kevin Sylvester used some of my music as a soundtrack while he was writing his most recent book MiNRS2.

This blew me away - I read the books, and really enjoyed them - so much that I challenged myself to write music to make sort of an 'unofficial' soundtrack or score to the books.

The whole process took 5 days: 2 to read the books, and 3 to compose all the music. Full album is here - you don't have to be familiar with the books to enjoy it (I hope), but it certainly helps.

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miscellaniac on 04/11/2012 at 03:30PM

National Library Week - Rejoice!

You know that friend who decides to celebrate her birthday for an entire week?  Forcing you to run yourself ragged going to 18 different events and parties all in the name of advancing one more year?  Well, imagine instead that this friend is the library.  And instead of being a nuisance, it is something to be celebrated with no obligations whatsoever.  Yes, what I am trying to say is that it is National Library Week 2012!  Almost every day this week celebrates a different aspect of libraries and their many public services.  Today happens to be National Bookmobile Day.  So, go out and hug your neighborhood bookmobile!

And so, in honor of National Library Week, I would like to honor the Free Music Archive for being a shining example of the potential of (not just interactive digital libraries) but libraries and archives everywhere.  Here, here!  This National Library Week Mix features selections from the FMA that thematically apply to books, reading, language, literature, and information.  Of course there is so much more to libraries than these things, but hey, they fit thematically.

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