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RowRow on 01/31/2015 at 05:07AM

20 Reasons To Download Hip Hop Instrumental Beats

20 Reasons Why Should YouDownload  Hip Hop & Rap  Instrumental Beats




1.Instant Access


Downloading Your Rap Instrumental gives you instant access to begin you project with no need to wait for a producer to make your beat.


2.Access To Commercial Quality Production


Hip Hop Producers are constantly studying new production techniques which means you have access to commercial quality production at a fraction of the cost of a major producer


3.New Instrumentals Are Emerging Daily


New Rap beatsare being uploaded every day and with the tremendous growth of new producers seeking artists to feature on their instrumentals, gives you an edge if you choose wisely



4.You Are Never Stuck With One Style Of Production


When you have more than one producer making your music it makes you sound like a Major artist, music from different aspects


5.Using Someone Else Talent


Being able to use someones else talent to add to your own talent can surprise you how well it can work and it dose work that way in the Industry.






6.Gives You Time To Promote Yourself


If all you have to do is download your tracks you are free to spend time on what takes the most effort, promotion


7.Many styles To Choose From


Being able to choose from many producers and all of the different styles of rap and Hip hop instrumentals they offer, Wonderful results can be achieved


8.Hip Hop Music Is In Big Demand


Just look at Mainstream Music today and it would be rare to find any genre of music not touched by Rap & Hip Hop.


9.Some Major Producers Sell Beats Online


If you search the internet you will find that some Commercial Hip Hop Producers are selling leases to their beats online which can drive the popularity of your project to the next level


Promo Beats For Mix tapes Are Inexpensive


Some producers will actually give away free beats to use on YouTube or for your mix tape. Just be sure you read the license agreement and make sure yo do now violate the terms.


11.Some Producers Do Custom Work


Some Instrumental sites offer custom beat production and you can buy an exclusive of the instrumental.









12.You Can Purchase An Entire Mix Tape At Once


Buying your instrumentals in bulk can save you money and time and get to what matter most, churning out those mix tapes.


Hip Hop Producers Give Money Back Guarantee


Most reputable producers stand behind their work and offer you a money back guarantee which give you comfort with your instrumental purchase.


Music Is Always Being Updated


Most producers are always updating their instrumentals weekly and they usually give notification of new music additions.

Online Hip Hop Producers Follow The Trends In Music


Smart producers keep their ears to new production techniques and some do not. The key is shopping around and comparing beat sites.



16. You Can Build A Relationship With A Producer In

Another Country


It is a amazing experience to work with someone in a different country and capture the influence of another part of the worlds' music in your instrumental.



17.Hip Hop Is Popular All Over The World


Hip Hop is popular all over the world and it is touching every genre of music. A lot of artist today are turning to the influence of Hip Hip and melding it in their music.


18. It Will Help Boost Your Music


Getting different beats from different producers is the number one way to bring diversity to your project which means you can reach different. Different types of people react differently to different production styles even within the same genre.


19.You Can Sometimes Change Your License Type


On some sites you can purchase one license type from the producer and then later you can renew your license or upgrade it which gives you ultimate flexibility.




20 . You Are Supporting The Industry That Supports You


One thing that Karma has taught us is that you should support the industry that supports you. Never underestimate the power of giving. The quickest way to receive to find a constant stream of giving. Downloading Instrumentals is a wonderful way to get your music moving and on to the next project. Do a search for “ Download new 2015 rap & hip hop instrumental beats” and have fun searching.


Music is 1 part performance and 2 parts hustle.

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kekkobros on 05/31/2013 at 01:09PM

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