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Boston_Hassle on 05/05/2014 at 06:06AM

MARTY KINGS - XVII (TUNNEL OF LOVE's Andy MacBain quietly releases juggernaut of a solo garage punk-pop record)

photo by John Doherty

If ever there was a quintessential garage rock monster of Massachusetts, who haunts and wreaks music havoc on it's denizens across generations, suggesting some type of immortal rock quality about him.. it is Andy Macbain. Boston is lucky to have such a character. Macbains initial fuzzy footprint was left by the humungous chucks of TUNNEL OF LOVE. Ten years ago it was Tunnel Of Love instilling fear in the hearts of young Bostonians, those who dared to venture into the basement. In recent past Macbain has been stirring up shit with his trio THE MONSIEURS who (at least for those who don't remember TOL) are IT for nasty garage pop in Boston. But this project? This is a project - The Marty Kings - Macbain's latest solo venutre is a testament to why this guy needs no one. He will always be a monster of gnarly rock and roll glory and you know it'll be true because it won't matter who is around to participate or witness, Macbain will be not be stopped. People need to hear this and if need be, follow the man into hell.

- Sam Potrykus




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DaveBombay on 08/27/2013 at 05:37AM

Born Loose: High-Octane Top-Notch Punk Rock

Hailing from Brooklyn, Born Loose brings the intensity of a car crash and the catchy energy of Fucked Up or GBH while delivering real and raging rock 'n' roll. These live tracks from Three Chord Monty with Joe Belock leave you pumped up and ready to start a fight or lift a car. Singer Larry May’s vocals tie this energetic four-piece together with some solid guitar work from Suke. Keep an eye out for Born Loose's S/T full length alubum out on Drug Front Records.

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Melodic_In_Fusion on 08/03/2013 at 04:20AM

Did we even introduce ourselves?? Melodic In Fusion = melodic punk from germany :-)

Melodic In Fusion is a 3-piece band from the southwest of germany writing and playing melodic punk-music for more than 10 years.

You can find all of our music for free on sites like Jamendo, or Soundcloud (pick which one you like the most)


All our songs are under "creative commons"-license which means that:

   - you all are free to download it

   - annoy your neighbours with it :-)

   - share it

   - use it as music in your videos (like Cozinha de Jack did on his brazilian punk-cooking-channel on Youtube in his Bacon Blade Chicken video, go and check it!)

   - or whatever you want to do with it ;-)

As long as you mention our band "Melodic In Fusion"And this is Melodic in Fusion

Band members are:Jan who is:

  - looking stupid…  - playing the vocals (we know that’s not proper english but who cares ;-)  - playing the guitar as if he never learned it

Maus who is:

  - looking hilarious…  - playing the bass (that guitar-like-thing with two strings missing)

Dobo who is:

  - looking incredible…  - playing the drums like a drum-computer with a virus  - singing the backing vocals (believe it or not he doesn’t even need a mic in the rehearsals as his voice is f***ing noisy)

All of our songs are somewhere in the melodic punk / punk rock range. Mainly being influenced by being a sucker for good melodies and fast guitars… way back in the 90’s some people called it “Melodycore” :-) check it out on wikipedia… there really IS an article about that.And last but not least here’s our latest work, a Youtube video for our song “Time Goes By” hope you like it:

Time Goes By - Melodic In Fusion on Youtube

If you want to know anything more, get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter :-)

Cheers from germany :-)Melodic in Fusion

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20130419125029393 on 07/10/2013 at 11:12PM

HappyLand aint $o Happy...

get on over 2 & go on & get u some of those T-$hirts 4 interesting people..!! i think that some corporations are out of control & they need 2 be brought back 2 reality!!!!

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