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Boston_Hassle on 04/21/2014 at 07:58PM

THE MARTY KINGS - Tunnel Of Love's Andy Macbain Quietly Unleashes Outstanding Solo Record

If ever there was a quintessential garage rock monster of Massachusetts, who haunts and wreaks music havoc on it's denizens across generations, suggesting some type of immortal rock quality about him.. it is Andy Macbain. Boston is lucky to have such a character. Macbains initial fuzzy footprint was left by the humungous chucks of TUNNEL OF LOVE. Ten years ago it was Tunnel Of Love instilling fear in the hearts of young Bostonians, at these those who dared to venture into the basement. In recent past Macbain has been stirring up shit with his trio THE MONSIEURS who (at least for those who don't remember TOL) are IT for nasty garage pop in Boston. But this project? This is a project - The Marty Kings - Macbain's latest solo venutre is a testament to why this guy needs no one. He will always be a monster of gnarly rock and roll glory and you know it'll be true because it won't matter who is around to participate or witness, Macbain will be not be stopped. People need to hear this and if need be, follow the man into hell.



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La_Nelson_Olveira on 03/20/2014 at 01:59AM

De terodáctilos y flores (álbum debut)




El disco fue editado en Mayo de 2013. Contiene 16 canciones, 15 canciones propias y un cover de Jim Carrey. El álbum presenta una serie de caballos que muerden las cuerdas de los instrumentos y golpean al Dragón de Cómodo que toca la batería. Un bebé con una esvástica. El disco es un homenaje a la mejor banda del país. Hacé dos meses que me cogí a tu novia.


Grabado entre Noviembre de 2011 y Marzo de 2013 por Pablo Soñora, en Montevideo Records, Montevideo, Uruguay. Mezcla y masterización: Pablo Soñora.

Guitarra y voz: Hoski; bajo y guturales: Renzo Parente; Guitarra: Negro Agustín; Batería: Aio.

Invitados: The Losers (2), La Murga Nihilista (4, 10, 16), Tavaré Rivero (5), Pablo Soñora (8), Piki Garrido (10),

Tapa y diseño: Renzo Parente. Armado de los discos: La Nelson Olveira.


El disco fue producido, grabado y difundido de manera totalmente independiente. Editado: Mayo 2013.





The album was released in May 2013. It contains 16 songs, 15 own songs and a Jim Carrey‘s cover. The album has a number of horses that bite the strings of instruments and hit the Komodo Dragon who plays the drums. A baby with a swastika. The album is a tribute to the best uruaguayan band. Earn two months I fucked your girlfriend.


Recorded between December 2011 and March 2013 by Pablo Soñora in Montevideo Records, Montevideo, Uruguay. Mixing and mastering: Pablo Soñora. 

Guitar and vocals Hoski, bass and guttural: Renzo Parente; guitar: Negro Augustín; Drums: Aio. 

Guests: The Losers (2), La Murga Nihilista (4, 10, 16), Tavaré Rivero (5), Pablo Soñora (8), PikiGarrido (10) 

Cover and design: Renzo Parente.  


This album was produced, recorded and released on an independent wayPublished: May 2013.


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wmmberger on 03/18/2014 at 12:45AM

A Grind Apart: Ubasute Live on My Castle of Quiet

Wm. Berger / Tracy Widdess

The grind music I like, I really love, because as a genre, there is a rampant saminess; so I sit back and let bands like Psychic Limb, Ubasute, Agathocles, Cattle Decapitation and Pig Destroyer rise to the top by way of their own virtues.

Alex Caprio's distinctive and unpredictable shriek, Mike Marciano's artful, intricate Rickenbacker bass virtuosity, and Jeremy Suria's guitar work (equal parts technical, Steve Howe-midrangery, and thick, power-chord glue) all work thoroughly together to make the band a cut above the raging pack. Upon even deeper observation, Ubasute's lyrical content, and carefully chosen graphic imagery flaunt the more-easily-attained / co-opted genre conventions. 

Live set from February 2014 »

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AS220 on 01/31/2014 at 03:45PM

AS220's Winter Sampler

Album artwork by Andrea Santos

The year ending can be melancholic—the passing of time, the memories, the promise of the future, bleak weather. It’s not quahogging season any more kiddos, you better have a space heater in your houseboat. If you are fretting, AS220 is here to help with this Winter Sampler of some of the warmest acts to have played within our hallowed walls. It’s suggested that you listen to this Winter Sampler under a comforter that you have fashioned into a childlike fort while drinking hot cocoa with a peppermint stick stirrer. If these items aren’t available to you just close your eyes, listen to the sonic wonder, and let your imagination run buckwild and free. This is the final sampler of 2013, so now you can download the complete set of them and feel one with the Rhode Island music scene.


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AS220 on 01/08/2014 at 07:05PM

Malportado Kids - Mi Concha (EP)

On a day that will forever be known in infamy as “Malportaday,” the bi-lingual duo of Victoria Ruiz and Joey Defrancesco, otherwise known as MALPORTADO KIDS are releasing their first mixtape today.  Their stripped down, baille and dancehall infused brand of electronic politico-punk is even more resuscitative than shoving your face in a tub of coffee grinds and starting a riot. When’s the last time you felt empowered by a full arsenal of samples? Bite into this lil’ sample of the EP with these hefty cuts, “Soy La Pocha” and “Fuego.” Prepare to feel despot dispatching power surges.  If you are so inspired—go see them on tour this month and learn that the revolution will be caked in glitter.  The rest of the EP can be downloaded at their bandcamp


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