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chrisandrews on 10/07/2014 at 01:45PM

New Secret Jane Release

We have spent some time in the studio and got our favourite tracks down for an album and here are 3 freebies to give you taste...

Recorded at Slackspace, Colchester UK and produced by Fran Ashcroft in Liverpool. We have it for sale as digital downloads with PDF colour booklet or a neat Gift Card hand made LE/CD made to order. GO TO:


Many thanks to Lisa, Tom, Fran and Colchester Arts Centre for the support!!

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chrisandrews on 05/13/2013 at 09:33AM

Secret Jane at Colchester Arts Centre UK

Jos Dow Artwork

SJ are returning to Colchester Art Centre UK for an evening with The Family Elan and the legendary Mother Sky on JUNE 5th. With new tunes and a pickup on the Wonder Guitar I reckon this should be a good one of psych folk/world vibes/bluegrass/rock n vests, all for just £6!!!  (£5 concs.)




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sardanpavlov on 10/31/2012 at 05:19PM

Pietnastka's album Dalia, on Sangoplasmo Records

This week I reviewed Nouveaux Gymnastes, the debut collaboration from Polish composer Piotr Kurek, aka Pietnastka, and French drone musician Mika Perez, aka Sylvia Monnier. In the process of writing my review, I came across Kurek's earlier release, Dalia, released on the same enterprising Polish experimental label that handled the collaboration: Sangoplasmo Records. Since Dalia had sold out of its original cassette pressing, Kurek and Sangoplasmo both consented to having the album available here at the Free Music Archive. I called the thing "a sprawling and epic synthesis of experimental composition with the traditional melodies of eastern Europe", which - God willing - will read as an enthusiastic recommendation.

Pietnastka - "Dalia" (01:44)
Pietnastka - "Dalia" (01:44)
Pietnastka - "Salto" (04:23)
Pietnastka - "Salto" (04:23)
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Noise_Problems on 02/12/2012 at 11:10PM

The Cherry Blossoms

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chrisandrews on 02/11/2012 at 11:37AM

Secret Jane - New Psych Folk group from Colchester UK.

Arts Centre Session Jan 2012

Jos Dow - Banjo, violin, mandola

Christine Dettmann - Vocal, Lryics

Ken Flatt - Bass

Chris Andrews - Banjo, Uke, cello

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