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lizb on 07/21/2010 at 01:00PM

Bratty French Post-Punk

Mil Mascaras were named after a famous Mexican luchador, and have been known to don masks during their live shows (check out this brief, yeti-like glimpse of a 2006 show). Hailing from Strasbourg, France, the band righteously take cues from the great post-punk lady heroes of Kleenex/Liliput, the Slits, Los Microwaves, the Flying Lizards, the Au Pairs, Family Fodder, Lydia Lunch, Malaria, etc. The result is loud, bratty, hypercatchy sing-alongs and caterwauling, stuttered dark bits.

Fans of Death Sentence: Panda!, T.I.T.S., Naked on the Vague, and especially the Dreams... check 'em out! Through some mid-level internet stalkery, I was able to deduce that the singer of Mil Mascaras (Armelle aka Bisoubisou) is also in the Dreams, but I can't quite tell if MM are still active. The only physical release I could find any info on was a split 7" they did with the Normals on the Bibimbap label in '06.

I fell upon the Mil Mascaras songs below on the fantastic Beko Box Volume 2 compilation, which was recently uploaded to the FMA. You can grab another few MM tunes on Phil Scrotum's site, or watch this Youtube video from 2006.

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