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katya-oddio on 10/18/2016 at 12:05PM

Diverse Instrumental Works

Recent instrumental albums additions to the FMA from Olga Scotland, Hermelin, and the artists from the Eklektik Sessions

For your listening pleasure, three predominantly instrumental albums are now part of the enormous Free Music Archive catalog.

Various Artists (Eklektik Ensemble, Punkt, and Lutosławski Quartet) - Punkt Eklektik Session 1
Formal Class: Varied Classes
Classifications: Varied Genres; Downtempo; Progressive Art; Contemporary Composition
Nationality: Europe East: Poland: Warsaw

Olga Scotland (Ольга Шотландия) - Iron Flowers From Sirius
Formal Class: Art: Progressive
Classifications: Electronic; Flute; Contemporary Composition; Progressive Art; Experimental; Beats Trad; Ambient; Soundtrack; Score
Nationality: Europe East: Russia: Moscow

Hermelin - Hermelin (self-titled album)
Formal Class: Popular
Classifications: Rock; Post-Rock; Progressive Rock; Electric Guitar
Nationality: Europe West: Germany: Hannover

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1724_Records on 08/13/2016 at 05:37PM

Free download of Muggle’s long time track

Recorded at the beginning of 2015,in the noise of Spring Festival.But yeah,it’s a jam session work,alone with the speech of Allen Ginsberg.Our label 1724 Records made the CDr physical as plus gift for our first EP buyer.For here,listen & download as free.Share to your friends if you like it.


Listen & download


BTW,Muggle’s new album recording now.


Feel free by facebook page get in touch with them

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BeastRobot on 10/01/2015 at 08:18AM

♫ Salmo - L'Irlandais (Post-Rock)

♫ Artist: Salmo 

♫ Track: L'Irlandais

♫ Album: Kaos O Labo (Piece of Wood)

♫ Genre: Rock, Post-Rock, Post-Punk

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rock, post-punk, post-rock
BeastRobot on 09/18/2015 at 06:39PM

♫ Salmo - L'arbre

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rock, post-punk, post-rock
BeastRobot on 08/20/2015 at 11:55AM

♫ Salmo - La crue (Post-Rock)

Check out the fan video here


Richard Bénétrix registered in late 2014 and mastered by Choko in Supadope Factory, The Subsistances, Lyon, May 4 2015.Artwork by Florent SomnierSALMO is Grégory Companion - Olivier and Kevin GouthardInvités Guyomar download: Jean-Philippe Ramos saxophone ( tracks 3-4-5-6-7)

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post-punk, post-rock, rock