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radonbooking on 09/14/2015 at 03:10AM

New DI KANG Single: 'RYØT' !!!!!!

Di Kang is back, this time with a badass tribute to the first great DK band, the Dead Kennedys, in this incredible re-boot of the DK classic 'Riot'. You've never heard it like this before. With riots on the increase worldwide, it's time to crank this up and blare it from the rooftops and bump it in the speakers of your rage/party van........... "now may be your only chance"

Di Kang - "RYØT" (10:08)
Di Kang - "RYØT" (10:08)
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xe_val on 11/12/2010 at 11:09PM

O Forno das Formulacións [2005]

[ALG012] - uveaele - O forno das formulacións


Internet Archive

the album concept starts with a journey to the "santa mariña de augas santas" underground chapell, called "o forno" in allariz (ourense, spain). mysterious place where the water flows on the floor, under an arched dome and an absolute darkness. 

Five manipulations of a single field recording in the basement of the chapel, give way to the only album of this Valle´s audio project "Uveaele"

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xe_val on 11/12/2010 at 10:01PM

Come early, go Late [2003]

[ALG005] - Plumb and Plumber - Come early go late


Internet Archive

plumbandplumber mixes melody, ambience, noise and silence in just the right ratios on Come Early Go Late. An excursion through cyclic abrasion and half-buried beauty.

p&p audio proyect was strarted in 2002 by Xesús Valle. You can find Come early go late at another netlabels:




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