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EllisBurnheart on 12/09/2012 at 03:16AM


Man this site is so rad!  I just stumbled across it while looking at curated pages on Kickstarter.  My current project doesn't have any finished recordings, but we are in the process of making our first studio album, and will be sure to add some free tracks for you all to enjoy!  In the meantime if you want to help us make this album a reality, check out our Kickstarter page, where you can watch a video with lo-fi snippets of our songs.


and check us out and like us on Facebook!


Spawned by Portland, Oregon in 2011, ROTTIES is a rock’n’roll foursome ready to melt your face as you bash your skull into your next bangover. ROTTIES have been described as “tambourine metal with a garage rock vibe” and “Joan Jett meets Black Sabbath.” Heatherette owns the mic, tamborine, and cowbell. Ellis (The Passengers, Elated) grinds the axe and sings back up. Mullen (Fugue, The Very Foundation) lays down the bass, and Just Dave (Nux Vomica, 57 Octaves Below) destroys the drums.

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doncbruital on 06/29/2010 at 01:00PM

Pulse Emitter ist Kosmisch

While the reader is, of course, already well aware of the undeniably extraterrestrial qualities of the modular synthesizer, c'mon, let me go on about it a little anyways. To be honest, I sort of can't help but get really stoked just thinking of the way in which the instrument allows Sound, that most elusive creature, to be created from scratch and manipulated at the purest, most basic of levels, getting tweaked and shaped, proceeding constant through time on a slow evolutionary scale, yeah, a cosmic scale even, waveforms like planets, their orbits being drawn by an unseen hand at the module controls. I can't underline this quality enough: folks, if you ever really need reminding of the interstellar nature of things (like, if start taking the seasons for granted, or otherwise forget how cool the sun and moon are), just turn on a synth jam, let it draw you into its orbit, surrender to its gravity--and you'll be right as rain.

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lizb on 05/20/2010 at 10:15AM

Tapes & The Polyps

It's no longer a fluke: cassette tapes are back. I cringe with memories of discovering musical favorites melted in the dashboard, warped from too much play, or the sinking sensation associated with hearing that tell-tale cartoonish scrambled noise emitted by magnetic tape upon rapid mechanic unraveling. Not to mention the hiss.

But alas, I'll grudgingly accept this backpedaling in certain cases, especially for bands that are well-suited to the medium. Enter the Polyps, a band from Portland, whose lo-fi buzzy pop sounds are actually complemented by tape hiss.

One member of the Polyps is Raf, who runs the Eggy tape label and tape distribution, and is a member of other tape-friendly bands the Golden Hours, the Woolen Men, and the now-defunct Blood Lemons (along with FMA honcho Jason Sigal!).

The FMA is hosting selections from 5 great Polyps releases, including tracks from their July 2008 tape, "Isla & Elma" (the song "Elsewhere" from this tape is featured below). Also check out a more recent release, "Twenty-Colored Circle;" two spacey, contemplative tracks mix acoustic pop with nature-heavy audio collage.

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Jacklebee on 01/13/2010 at 09:51AM

World's Greatest Ghosts

No Magick, the first full-length album from World's Greatest Ghosts is a nod to childhood narratives of make-believe monsters and plywood clubhouses. With lyrics referencing ghouls chasing you through mazes and houses sinking in quicksand, this album presents its nostalgic concepts with a dice-throwing Dungeon and Dragons filter. Friends reliving their clubhouse fantasies may not be such an abstract concept for this group. The Ghosts comprise of two brothers, Casey and Jesse Laney, and a college sweetheart, Emily Laney (Jesse's wife). Brandon Anderson has been with the group since its beginnings in the deep South. And now in Portland, Eric Ambrosius has joined them, replacing their long-time drummer. No Magick is produced by the Portland label Lucky Madison, run by local rocker Kevin O'Connor from the dynamic group, Talkedemonic. WWG will be playing this year's SXSW festival in Austin Texas, and be sure to check out their Myspace page at for updates. Long live D'n'D synth-rock.

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lavenders on 12/15/2009 at 09:00PM


We love when our friend White Rainbow comes to town. He’s known for having the finest, most potent sound machines and is super generous with his product. As soon as he started recording this surreal sprout session the walls in our studio began to melt, the cables tangled themselves into intricate designs on the floor and time started to move at a snail’s pace. When we woke up, there was no trace of the White Rainbow. Was it all a dream? Is this reality?

Find more to freak out to with this set from White Rainbow at our Tonalism happening as part of the all night GLOW Festival in Santa Monica, CA.

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