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katya-oddio on 10/18/2016 at 12:05PM

Diverse Instrumental Works

Recent instrumental albums additions to the FMA from Olga Scotland, Hermelin, and the artists from the Eklektik Sessions

For your listening pleasure, three predominantly instrumental albums are now part of the enormous Free Music Archive catalog.

Various Artists (Eklektik Ensemble, Punkt, and Lutosławski Quartet) - Punkt Eklektik Session 1
Formal Class: Varied Classes
Classifications: Varied Genres; Downtempo; Progressive Art; Contemporary Composition
Nationality: Europe East: Poland: Warsaw

Olga Scotland (Ольга Шотландия) - Iron Flowers From Sirius
Formal Class: Art: Progressive
Classifications: Electronic; Flute; Contemporary Composition; Progressive Art; Experimental; Beats Trad; Ambient; Soundtrack; Score
Nationality: Europe East: Russia: Moscow

Hermelin - Hermelin (self-titled album)
Formal Class: Popular
Classifications: Rock; Post-Rock; Progressive Rock; Electric Guitar
Nationality: Europe West: Germany: Hannover

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sardanpavlov on 10/31/2012 at 05:19PM

Pietnastka's album Dalia, on Sangoplasmo Records

This week I reviewed Nouveaux Gymnastes, the debut collaboration from Polish composer Piotr Kurek, aka Pietnastka, and French drone musician Mika Perez, aka Sylvia Monnier. In the process of writing my review, I came across Kurek's earlier release, Dalia, released on the same enterprising Polish experimental label that handled the collaboration: Sangoplasmo Records. Since Dalia had sold out of its original cassette pressing, Kurek and Sangoplasmo both consented to having the album available here at the Free Music Archive. I called the thing "a sprawling and epic synthesis of experimental composition with the traditional melodies of eastern Europe", which - God willing - will read as an enthusiastic recommendation.

Pietnastka - "Dalia" (01:44)
Pietnastka - "Dalia" (01:44)
Pietnastka - "Salto" (04:23)
Pietnastka - "Salto" (04:23)
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nytuan on 04/12/2011 at 08:47AM

Enjoy Trees!

This is the title of Projekt Karpaty Magiczne / Magic Carpathians Project's newest album. In November 2010 we've got a phone call from Polish Greenpeace headquarters - they were asking whether we'd be interested in cooperation. The idea was simple yet captivating - to record a special album that would be a gift to many wonderful people who engaged in the campaign to protect one of the oldest European forests, Białowieża Forest (Puszcza Białowieska). Hence "the gift" got two meanings: literal (the album has never been available in commercial circuit) and metaphorical (while recording we were thinking with sincere gratefulness of people who got involved in campaigning and also how much inspiration we've been gaining from Nature through entire lifespan). This is why we mobilized the whole potential of our pop sensibilities, in the best meaning of the word - when I'm saying "pop" I mean all the tunes and melodies that made me cry or caused goosebumps on my skin. In other words, it might be the most easy listening Magic Carpathians Project's album to date and purposedly. We just wanted to offer the most pleasurable, enjoyable and heart-warming experience we could afford.

More on the campaign to save the primal forest in the article from British The Guardian.

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mwalker on 02/08/2010 at 08:30AM

unsound of mind

Bora Yoon

Unsound Festival New York kicked off last Thursday evening (2/4) – marking the first incarnation of the innovative performance and lecture series outside its homeland of Poland. Founded in Kraków in 2003 by curator Mat Schulz, Unsound Festival explores the intersections between “electronic, experimental, independent, post-classical, and club music scenes.” After only four days time, the festival is already crowded with stunning highlights. I caught the opening night show at Lincoln Center featuring a terrific set from Finnish DJ/composer/drummer Vladislav Delay (whose Tummaa album was probably my fav release of 09) in collaboration with German video artist Lillevan. Still recovering (in a variety of ways) from a startlingly fresh sequence of programming at Le Poisson Rouge last night: performances of classical music touchstones Pictures at an Exhibition (Moussorgsky) and Bolero (Ravel) were followed by an absolutely resplendent, mind-blowing set of abstract electronic improvisations from the North American debut of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio, featuring surprise guests Francois K (!) and Carl Craig (!!).  Levon Vincent closed the event with a blistering DJ set that carried on until the very early morning hours (I’m lame and only made it until about 3:30am…)

ISSUE Project Room will host two events in the festival this week. The “Electronic Bridge” program on Tuesday night (2/9) serves as the first in a thread of thematic shows under the Eastern Promise banner, seeking to highlight a number of important Eastern European artists generally underexposed in the U.S. The “Electronic Bridge” will feature a diverse array of experimental electronic music from Zavoloka (Ukraine) and Zenial (Poland), as well as a set from NY local Bora Yoon in collaboration with composer R. Luke DuBois on the live video tip. To whet appetites for what should be a fantastic show, I’ve compiled a dope little mix featuring works from the artists on the program.

Check here and here for more info on the two shows at ISSUE, and here for a full schedule of the rest of the festival.

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