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kat330 on 11/01/2018 at 09:18AM

BONUS BAG with Kat330

Please, enjoy a rather silly side of me as interviewed in this “oddcast” podcast episode with Ragbag’s droll host, Frank Burton, of Great Britain. You can hear and subscribe to Frank’s podcast here: you can listen to it at Soundcloud here: songs aired include my Shanghaied (w/ Damien Riba on piano) and my cover of Penn's No Myth.

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happypuppyrecords on 06/19/2015 at 12:05PM

Music for Podcasts

Music For Podcasts is a new album from Lee Rosevere that is.. well, just that!

Need a song for the beginning of a serious, yet whismical story? Try "Let's Start At the Beginning" (like NPR's Planet Money just did!)

How about a moment of dark reflection? There's "Looking Back".

Going all 80s and a need something Jane Fonda would work out to? "Max Flashback" is ready.

Or an emotional ending to your inspiring and moving story? "Going Home" might work.

And to make things easier with podcasts that have sponsors, all songs are licensed as BY.

You can download the album here on the FMA or over here at Bandcamp in lossless - and lookee here! Volume 2 is also available!

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apexaction on 02/15/2015 at 07:15AM

Using music from FMA as an engaging intro for a podcast

I have recently started a podcast called 'This Week in SEO' (Tumblr)(iTunes) which is a weekly news podcast that summerised interesting articles I have found in the world of SEO.

As a digital strategy consultant, with a passion for SEO as you can read here, and I was always curious about publishing a podcast on a weekly basis on the subject.

To start off, I felt a weekly podcast was a good way to keep myself accountable to keep up with the latest in the world of Search Engine Optimisation.

It's a very open-ended field with a lot of opinions from people of all sorts of perspectives.

Often times I find myself disagreeing with with the status quo and the collectivist nature of public opinion in this industry.

In producing this podcast, I nice intro music was needed and I decided to use "Candy" by Jahzzar, from the "Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man's Wishes" album.

During my first episode I made a lot of mistakes in the audio production:

  • I attempted to use the song as a 'bed' for the entireity of the podcast. This was terrible as I didn't loop it properly and just comes off as disjointed
  • The decision to use the song as a bed, instead of just the intro and outro as intended, was due to the poor narration quality.I should of spent better time cleaning up the audio instead of making a bad production decision.

This was all rectified in the second episode, sounding much more natural.


Using audio from the Free Music Archive adds the extra level of professional in your production, though you have to be sure you have the right attribution for the creative work.

I orginally wanted to use a track called 'The Victory Ahead' from Ian Alex Mac, however it has since disappeared from his profile page.

Because I also have videos I plan to have associated with these productions, I needed to ensure the following was ticked off:

  • Public Domain
  • Allows for Commercial Use
  • Allows for use in a remix or video

'Candy' really struck me with a Ska-like horn kicking in from the very beginning, which brought a certain mood I wanted for the intro.



Jahzzar - "Candy" (03:25)
Jahzzar - "Candy" (03:25)
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