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pluspunkt on 02/06/2010 at 10:12AM

Nice Cover - Primix for Kids

An awesome album by Pierlo and Tracky Birthday, together as Primix For Kids, released on UpitUp.

The artwork cames by the musicans and in my mind it's very lovely.
There is also a very funny minisite for this release. You'll find it here.


Some nice words of Tracky about this Album:

»When I was a kid my favorite game was "the folding game": one person draws a head on a piece of paper, folds that part back so that the other person can only see where the drawing ends. Then the other person has to draw the body, fold that as well and so on. 

My friend Pierlo in Rome and I always wanted to make music together, and we were looking for a good way to bridge the distance without losing the fun. So we tried to copy the principal of the folding game onto our music, creating a technique we like to call primixing, which is different from just remixing. One person prepares the rough base for a song, leaving it open what musical direction to follow. The other person remixes that base and adds new elements, then returns it. This can go back and forth until the song seems complete. 
Unlike making music on your own, you have to keep in mind that what you compose is to be left open and accessable. It is like passing the ball to each other, while it starts out easy and assisting, and turns out difficult, complex or just funny….«

— via UpitUp

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pushbinlou on 01/25/2010 at 10:20PM

Ears Wide Open: Pierlo

Image by Cobalt 123

First new find for me for 2010!  It was not too long into the New Year when I stumbled upon this great new album by Pierlo.  Except for the fact that he is from Rome there is not a whole lot of info on this rather mysterious character.  Nonetheless, "Saturday Night Sleeper" is a solid and very interesting release.  It is kind of hard to pin down what genre Pierlo is shooting for so I'll just say electronica and let you come to your own conclusions.

If this release peaks your interest you might want to head over and check out the Upitup label which is the super cool netlabel that put out this album from Pierlo as well as tracks and full length releases from a ton of other artists.  Take a listen to the cut "cliverpool" and enjoy!

Pierlo - "Cliverpool" (03:44)
Pierlo - "Cliverpool" (03:44)
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