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andrewcsmith on 10/15/2010 at 10:00AM

Drone 5k

In training for the Electric Temple-hosted Drone Marathon this Saturday at ISSUE Project Room, we've put together this mix of drones to get you through your Friday. Hopefully you'll be all limbered up and ready to drone by 2 p.m. on Saturday—think of this one as a Drone 5k.

The brand-new label Electric Temple ambitously looks to be both a production company and record label. Putting together events as well as putting out recordings, their goal is to challenge audiences by crossing generational and genre-based gaps in the avant-garde world. The lineup they've put together for this marathon definitely does that: drone godfathers Phill Niblock and Tony Conrad are on the same bill as younger artists like Noveller, Marcia Bassett, and Tom Carter. The entire schedule (the whole 10 hours of it) is posted on the main page, but the juxtaposition of "conceptual drones" by Pitchfork-praised Kyle Bobby Dunn, Downtown staple Aki Onda, and Tony Conrad's Three Loops for Performers and Tape Recorders from 1961 looks like they're out to expand everyone's horizons. And isn't that what drones are all about?

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