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sardanpavlov on 09/21/2012 at 07:20PM

?alos' new album Ricamatrici, on Pan y Rosas Discos

We knew we had to upload this after reading: "Ricamatrici takes its inspiration from industrialized garment production". The album takes as its heroines "seamstresses, women who spend their lives sewing in factories and basements – leaving their dreams and aspirations behind". The sounds of ?alos bear that inspiration out in myriad aural flourishes and patterns of textured home-recordings throughout Ricamatrici. Pan y Rosas Discos writes further of the composition, "sewing machine as sound creation. Electronics. Blindfolded piano played by instinct, touch, feeling, listening. Gull songs and small fragments of sound narration – alarm clock, pen, snippets of piano denote times and places – advance the narrative, the journey of a seamstress. Arrival in the city via train. Hopes and dreams to be crushed. Departure and a new start in a new town." Though the finality with which we're told this poor seamstress is going to fail may make that narrative a little more difficult to sync up with, the effort is hugely rewarding. 

?alos - "Ago e Filo" (02:40)
?alos - "Ago e Filo" (02:40)
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