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wmmberger on 07/22/2010 at 09:42PM

Stay the Fuck Out of the Woods! C. Lavender live on My Castle of Quiet, 7.16.2010

photo by Wm. Berger, manipulation by Tracy Widdess

In October of '09 I received a "Castle mail" from one C. Lavender, a sound-collagist/noisemaker and horror fan based in Northern NJ. The emails were gender-neutral (honestly, I assume most noise people are dudes, but that standard is gradually and gratefully changing) and almost business-like. It's significant to note that in the thread that followed, Lavender wrote, "It's a huge dream of any NJ resident who performs weird music to play on WFMU and I felt that your show was a perfect match-up with my interests/music."

Well I finally listened, as can you. C. Lavender delivered nothing less than a true and thoroughly envisioned horrorscape to My Castle of Quiet listeners, live last Friday morning at 12:30 a.m.-ish. The build in Lavender's performance is patient but steady, and all manner of haunted sounds, and far-flung melodies, whizz by, wave and disappear. The dead rumble in their holes, dishonored, and think about digging out to give everybody what for. Maybe later, as we're too comfortable underground. The thread of a crusty electronic loop acts like an unhurried gravedigger's shovel.

This is some seriously great shit, and I can't thank C. Lavender enough, not only for being a true Castle fan, as well as a talented performer, but also for bringing to the show a thoughtful and unique performance, suited ideally to the show's own peculiar sonic bent. She brought the scary, the contemplative, and the running for your life bit, too (in which direction, you're not quite sure.)

The young artist was rattled after such a rendering, as she typically is following a set, and that combined with my usual, charming fumble-bumble caused some to suggest that we did not give good banter. Me and Lavender? Surely you jest. We are the Regis and Kelly of noise, for fuck's sake!

"Whispers in the Woods"? Most certainly. This piece is up there with some of my most-favored eerie, anguished, live sound collage, like the works of Burial Hex and Physical Demon.

Huge thanks to big Bob Bellerue for engineering, and getting a right spoooky mix, even though he was really exhausted and I gave him not one morsel of crack. Thanks as always to Tracy Widdess for messing with my artist photos just right.

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