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CameronMusic on 09/07/2012 at 11:38AM

New library of production music

In order to raise funds to finance the production of an album of Library Music I am pre-selling licenses for the album, enabling you to get an incredible deal on music for use in any project from short videos to feature films.

Each contributor will get a copy of the CD and.........


If you contribute £12 towards the album you will get 5 License credits, with each license credit enabling you to use 1 track in one project. 

£22 will get you 15 credits and if you contribute £60 you will be get a blanket license to use any of the tracks in any project, forever, giving you unlimited pre-licensed music which you can use in anything from advertising to feature films.


The CD will have have over an hour of music covering a range of styles and moods from large orchestral pieces to smaller piano and string arrangements and each track will come in a full length, short (30 sec) and stab format.


The more people contribute the higher my budget for musicians so I would be grateful if you could spread the word as the more people involved the better the end product will be.


to view the promotional video which has various examples of my music or to contribute go to


to find out more about me or to use some of my pre-existing music and sound effects for free please go to

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lizziedavis on 05/23/2012 at 12:00PM

MP3 of the Day: Quinn McCarthy, "Takauji Turns"

ShogunQuinn McCarthy is a prolific assemblage of musicians headed by multi-instrumentalist, composer and author Tom Fahy. In addition to recording albums under both the Tom Fahy name and the Quinn McCarthy psuedonym, Fahy and his collaborators have been running and releasing records via their Stag Records netlabel for over 2 decades.

Fahy's music under both names is dark, ambient, and orchestral. Fahy adresses his approach to music in his writing. "Making music is voluntary. Unlike bread, we don't require it for our sustenance. Accordingly, music shouldn't require its pound of flesh from the would-be listener. The price of art should be set by the market, by the listener, not by a machine with political interests."

"Takauji Turns" is taken from McCarthy/Fahy's 1999 release, Shogun.

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