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cheyenne_h on 07/23/2018 at 11:08AM

Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal's "Enchanted Forest" Is Beautiful, Haunting, and Complex

The "Enchanted Forest" of Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal is a many-splendored listen. Each track has its own texture and unique flow. The opening, title track introduces the album in a calming, meditative way, but the rest of the album veers from that path often, to introduce new sonic landscapes. "Know Your Birds" helps you learn to identify birdcalls.  "Tryptic Dance" trots along with arpeggiating synths, drum machines, and live-looped marimba to encourage trancelike listening, and then hits you with a synth solo that is as unexpected as it is appropriate, it flits around the track with the random calculations of a moth circling a flame. "Orange Sunshine" brings the album full circle, ending in a place that is similar to where it began. 

This Baltimore duo is making something in the tradition of many other new age artists working around the world, bringing this gentle, progressive music form back into the limelight. If you enjoy music that is progressive, layered electronic, or vaguely educational, you may want to give this one a listen. 

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Northern-Spy_Records on 02/22/2011 at 03:00PM


I, Colin Langenus and my best friend Jonah Rapino put out our first cassette tape in 1994. We called our label Massive Distribution and since we have released 110 albums and counting. Our goals were simply getting our friends and our own many projects out there! I think initially I thought this would be a precursor to something greater. I really thought many of the Massdist artists were geniuses that would be discovered by the masses immediately! Jonah was never this naive. Eventually Massdist became to me essentially an archive and another reason to keep busy, releasing improv or one off bands. Massdist has given me a lot of joy.

Here are a few Massdist releases from over the years. Maybe we'll put more up here. These are some of my favorites, or just albums that I didn't have anymore and wanted to hear again.

Thanks to Jason Sigal and the FMA for the invite! And thanks to Northern-Spy Records for the help!

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katya-oddio on 05/06/2010 at 05:34PM

Future of the Past Today

Internal view of the Stanford torus space station design by Donald Davis*

In 2006 on Sascha Müller's trippy Pharmacom-rec netlabel, a serious 2-CD album appeared that excited chill out, new age, space music, and electronica fans alike. The release was the work of Frank Dorittke as "F.D. Project" and was titled MARE TRANQUILLITATIS.

It is a pure, perfect tribute to Berlin School German electronica. Fans of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Ashra, Kitaro, or Mike Oldfield will discover a hidden treasure that sounds like Kosmische Musik composed and performed in the late '70s. MARE TRANQUILLITATIS delivers fresh new sounds for fans of the genre.

Prepare for retro futurism. Set your dials back decades, put on your giant headphones, close your eyes and drift off into space with all the cosmic synthesizers, soaring virtuoso guitars, shifting analog sequencer bass lines, Mellotron-style samples, and spacey effects so indicative of the Berlin School.

In MARE TRANQUILLITATIS, Dorittke presents future music from the past created in the present. Just like a mission into deep space, this 2-CD release has the power to remove you from the present world and fill you with wonder.

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