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dhf510 on 08/25/2017 at 07:40AM

Gilman Mom releases new experimental album "Manifest Destiny"

Moody and throbbing, I've released "Manifest Destiny" under the name Gilman Mom. Full of dark chords, heartfelt vocals, and field recordings, is the very first release by Macaque Records.

This album that attempts to musically convey a perspective shift that I had during a storm. I found myself drenched and devastated after a late night walk, mother nature pouring around me. I stayed in a dark place for quite some time during this abnormally long act of nature. Something remarkable happened: as I found myself learning from my predicament and emotionally emerging into a new state, the storm faded. I've never been that entwined with nature and it felt truly remarkable.

This project means a lot to me and I sincerely hope someone else is able to connect with it the way I do.

Check it out!

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emilyj98 on 02/09/2013 at 06:12AM

Lord Have Mercy

Because I needed another way to waste time.  Because I needed to download more free music.  Okay, yes, I AM SUPER PSYCHED THAT THIS WEBSITE EXISTS. DID YOU READ MY MIND? YOU READ MY MIND.  Honestly though, this seems pretty awesome.  Pretty sure I'll be spending a lot more time here, and even less studying.  YAY!

Found my first song!  Great curator - - led me to Dexter Britain... and I downloaded pretty much everything and more from his soundcloud.  Successful day!

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new, yay, dexter britain
Sound_Summit on 09/19/2011 at 10:57AM

Sound Summit launches its Free Music Archive Collection!

Sound Summit's official festival soundtrack is now available for you to stream and download right here - via the Free Music Archive!

Sound Summit is a festival of independent and innovative music held annually in Newcastle, NSW. In 2011 it takes place from 29th September - 2nd October.

The festival celebrates Australia's thriving independent music community, pairing an exhaustive list of local bands with international guests MONO (JP), MOON DUO (US) and WET HAIR (US). There are additional showcases from Australian cassette, vinyl, limited edition and net labels Bedroom Suck, R.I.P. Society, Yes Please!, Siberia Records & Dream Damage.

Showcase events take place at the end of each day of panels, workshops and project presentations focussing on the Australian and international indepdent music community, from print to radio, distribution and mastering to synth building, independent and new venue model development, blogging and doing it yourself.

Sound Summit's FMA collection features Australian artists playing at the 2011 festival including Fabulous Diamonds (Mel), Guerre (Syd), Scattered Order (Syd), Chrome Dome (Mel), Caught Ship (Mel) & Bare Grillz (Newcastle).

New tracks will be added to this collection each day in the lead up to the event so keep an eye to our page!

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S27 on 07/24/2010 at 07:51PM

[S27-050] Nonima - Karmadebt

Our 50th release on Section 27 comes from label co-founder Nonima, the followup to his 2009 album "Wrpdata" entitled "Karmadebt". Described as "a mysterious and enigmatic work that quite profoundly demonstrates his evolution as an artist.

Think electronic music with an extended exposure to Chernobyl radiation, a bouquet of darkened hues neatly packed into curvy, symmetric metal structures. Whether you're keen to lush textures or aggressive drum arrangements, Nonima has managed to expand his forte in experimental music to a magnificently illustrious scale, spanning countless genres while remaining persistent as one incredibly distinct entity.


To download as MP3 click HERE

For the High Quality FLAC Version, please click HERE

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