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doncbruital on 04/27/2010 at 02:30PM

Party Music for Gnarly Times

I don't think I really need to do much of an introductory speech, folks, when writing about an artist who goes by DJ DOG DICK; I mean, most of that attention-grabbing expostulation takes care of itself; if I tried, all I'd end up with'd be so much empty patter. Nah, DJ Dog Dick--Baltimore's reigning champ of the slimily-saw-waved backing tracks and beats that'll outbass most anything (like, upgrade your woofers, drown out your neighbors)--needs no introduction.

If you insist, though, here's all what I know about the man (whose real name's been variously rendered as "Eisenberg Max Eisenslime Eisenbergler Max Eisenberg Max Max Max Eisenberg," oh, and "Dogsynth"; your guess, reader, is as good as mine). He's been on the constant-touring warpath for years and has played everywhere and with everyone. He was a member of the venerable (and universally beloved) Nautical Almanac, and has logged time with countless other acts the world over, even stopping by the WFMU studios in 2006 as part of Little Howlin' Wolf's ensemble when it played a set on Brian Turner's show. He produces fine and exceedingly grimey comic zines for his homegrown press/label Oceans of Missouri. And he's been to see the Insane Clown Posse play live.

Not to mention he's got this new banger-replete 7" Grease That I Got which he's been kind enough to sanction for your FMA consumption. If these songs aren't the most jammed at your next party or board meeting or other social function, you've blown it. Likewise for if you miss DJ Dog Dick on tour through the USA and Canada this June and July (with a European tour on deck for the fall?! no excuses for the full population of two continents). Seriously, the live experience is one to be treasured--dig the frowny-faced lightbox, you don't believe me.

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