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andrewcsmith on 10/07/2010 at 05:05PM

MV Carbon & Philip White: concrete noise

Photo by Lori Baily

There’s this feeling from some noise performances of a constant aural assault. It’s like being attacked, and the first impulse is to flee. This music—a duo set from MV Carbon (who completes her residency at ISSUE on Saturday evening) & Philip White, who opened for Merzbow in September—does the opposite. And by that I don’t mean that it’s all cuddles, but that instead of pushing you away it grips you. From that initial clutch it never lets go; there are a series of plateaus, but no full release.

Their sound is characterized by Carbon’s constant and unstable distorted drone, with the constant repetitive energy from White’s board, and how these noises begin to form themselves into repeated shapes. About halfway through this set (their last of the evening) MV Carbon grabs a tape deck and manually turns it back a few spins, letting it roll, then rewinding it again. This repeated action—just the noise of the rolling tape and some indistinguishable sounds on it—starts to develop a certain rhythm and melody after a few repetitions. It’s through this repeated close examination that Carbon creates music out of noises: repeating the chaotic sounds until they finally lose that amorphous quality we think of as “abstract” and become concrete.

If you haven't done so already, you must check out the video highlighting MV Carbon's residency after the jump.

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