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sardanpavlov on 09/21/2012 at 07:20PM

?alos' new album Ricamatrici, on Pan y Rosas Discos

We knew we had to upload this after reading: "Ricamatrici takes its inspiration from industrialized garment production". The album takes as its heroines "seamstresses, women who spend their lives sewing in factories and basements – leaving their dreams and aspirations behind". The sounds of ?alos bear that inspiration out in myriad aural flourishes and patterns of textured home-recordings throughout Ricamatrici. Pan y Rosas Discos writes further of the composition, "sewing machine as sound creation. Electronics. Blindfolded piano played by instinct, touch, feeling, listening. Gull songs and small fragments of sound narration – alarm clock, pen, snippets of piano denote times and places – advance the narrative, the journey of a seamstress. Arrival in the city via train. Hopes and dreams to be crushed. Departure and a new start in a new town." Though the finality with which we're told this poor seamstress is going to fail may make that narrative a little more difficult to sync up with, the effort is hugely rewarding. 

?alos - "Ago e Filo" (02:40)
?alos - "Ago e Filo" (02:40)
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mwalker on 04/26/2010 at 02:00PM

music for two turntables

Marina Rosenfeld at ISSUE Project Room (4/7/10). Photo by Lori Bailey.

As part of ISSUE’s Music & Technology Month, Australian musicologist (and occasional FMA guest-blogger) Caleb Kelly curated an evening of fantastic performances to complement his talk on the use of deliberately cracked and malfunction-ed technology in music. For the concluding set of the evening, artist/composer/turntablist Marina Rosenfeld teased out a gorgeous stream of sounds into a fluid tapestry of quiet, spacious beauty --  shared below. Improvising from a rich palette of her own hand-crafted dub plates, electronics, and instructional synth samples from old educational records, Rosenfeld sculpted an alluring narrative that felt both electrifyingly spontaneous and effortlessly precise. Live, the understated physicality of her performance served as an integral layer in the evocative whole, with sounds forming and evolving with stunningly organic connectivity to the elegant gestures of her record selection and turntable manipulation.  While the recording can’t fully capture the enchanting visual dimension of Rosenfeld’s performance practice, the inseparable physicality of the sound production remains perceptibly embedded in the audio document and the mesmerizing aura remains.

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electronicmusik on 12/04/2009 at 11:51AM

Bacillus - Radio Mast ep

Radio Mast ep cover

Bacillus is Ian Simpson (electronics and tape edits)Bacillus Bacillus is the solo project of Ian Simpson, a UK based improviser, sound artist and composer. All the work realised under this project uses electronics and sound manipulation as its textural medium. Some of the works are improvised and some use a graphic or text scores as their basis. Many use found sounds and field recordings. Some of the original source material has come from Ians very first experiments with tapes and electronics in the 1980's. Although essentially a studio project there are occasional live performances.The Radio Mast ep was originally issued on 3" cdr in 2005 and is now beingmade available here with most of the other Electronic Musik releases.

download here 

Other projects featuring Ian are Noise Research, Fonik & Id of Mobius.

Current Bacillus releases

  • First Circuit (electronic musik)
  • A View From a Hill (electronic musik)
  • Threads of Fabric - (opsound)
  • Radio Mast EP - 3" cdr (electronic musik)
  • Osaka Dawn (white label music)
  • Leaving Planet 9 (with Paul Burnell on electronic musik)
  • Collapse EP (electronic musik)
  • Lithium Burn (split with Fonik, electronic musik)
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