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jamesrichings on 02/10/2016 at 04:13PM

Top 3 Destinations in America for Music Lovers

The world of music has for long been growing tremendously in United States of America. The country bears a great musical name as it is home to iconic musicians across the globe. USA features all genres of music like rock, jazz, soul, classics and reggae among many others. In this regard, a lot of people from all corners of the world travel to USA to quench their thirst for music. Moreover, travelling to the United States of America has been made easy as people can use the new online visa waver program and get a short term (90 days) recreational travel visa called the 'Electronic System for Travel Authorization' (esta visa) from places like esta-visa in order to acquire travel documents faster, as opposed to the long document filling process and harder to aquire full US Visa. Whether looking for concerts or just to listen to your favorite music, you will be in the right place while in USA. In fact best music venues are innumerable across the country. For music lovers, it is time to pack and head to USA in search of the following music venues:



This legendary music venue is situated in Chicago’s Lincoln Park community. The venue is legendary in the sense that it existed several decades ago and was in a position to nourish its name for its historical drama dating back in 1934. It is also known for hosting and launching personalities like Dave Mathews. The venue is spacious enough to carry a great number of people. Schubas Tavern’s great name has seen the venue grow and attract a lot of people in each music show. It is the best venue for those seeking indie type music concerts and performances.


Situated in Los Angeles, Troubadour ranks among the top most famous music venues in USA. It was established in 1957, and since then has hosted music shows done by renowned world artists. Those who have visited this venue have been privileged to watch live performances from musicians like Elton John, Carole King, and James Taylor among others. Troubadour never runs dry of both local and foreign visitors as they come to listen to all genres of music. A lot of upcoming artists have seen their names grow for hosting performances in this venue. It is guaranteed that whenever you step on the stage at Troubadour, your name is heading to fame.


It is one of the leading venues where visitors enjoy a dose of classics and other songs dating back decades. The hall is a landmark historical music venue designed and decorated in its own unique way. It is here that you will hear and encounter some of the best symphonies ever. The venue also hosts cultural music and romantic music as well. Those who have been at Severance hall can attest to the fact that the performances will leave you calling for more. Severance hall is located in Cleveland and remains ever busy for its pleasant tunes.

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