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kademlia on 12/23/2017 at 10:46AM

FrostClick's FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Vol. 6

At the end of each year we try to publish a mixtape with collaboration with FrostWire (only the best file downloader/music player ever!). Last year we went a bit overboard with the number of tracks included, so this year, we decided to keep it simple – only 6 tracks – one from each of our favorite promos. Just the best of the best!

The tracks on this year’s mixtape all come from free-to-download, Creative Commons licensed albums, so if you like what you hear, pls make sure to support the artists and spread the word.

So step back and enjoy each of the tracks! Comment below with your favorites and spread the word!


1. Magnolia Soul by Who Seth Power
2. Mind Frame from Computer Love by Melissa B
3. Cool Kids (produced by iLL Brown) from The Early EP by Billy Early
4. With You from Summer of Joe by Joe Playo
5. To The Shore from Electric Soul Magic Vol. 2 by Joe Marson
6. New Gods (feat. M. Dean, & C. Rydning) from Lesser Restoration by Toussaint Morrison

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LolaM on 10/10/2017 at 10:23AM

Art and Commodity

I'm an affictionate writer and a huge fan of rock music, remember?

Hence, I'm gonna talk about about the changing attitude towards texts and music.

Once upon a time, when writing and playing/listening to quality music has been a restricted privilege, most of what was written (even if those were accounts and notes) was perceived as a thing having some meta-value. In simple words, a few lines of text weren't merely an everyday means of communication, but they also carried the sublime meaning of pertenence to the elite circles. If a note, regardless of its content, ended up in hands of an illiterate peasant, it would've been perceived as something more valuable than, let's say, a potatoe (unless, of course, there was hunger). I did some minor research for this blog post and stumbled across a super-interesting research of information exchange in pre-literate society:  . In case you're a history/culture nerd like me. 

It was slightly different with music. On the one hand, the skill of playing a musical instrument wasn't universal. On the other hand, everyone could produce certain sounds and arrange them into melody. I'd say, music was valued, but not in the same way as texts because of its relative availability.

Now it's slightly different. Most of us can write and read fluently, this skill's expected from us by default. Even if, by chance, we search google for the  best essay writing services, it's not because we're unable to make it on our own, but because we either expect to get a better result than what we can offer, or we're so overwhelmed with work that we choose to outsource our writings.

With music it's somehow very different these days. Music has accumulated complexity, so the skill of performing or producing music requires tons of knowlege and practice, which we're not being taught in early childhood (or should we be?). Meanwhile, the music market is so huge, with so many free and nearly free options created by professional musicians, that no one attaches real meta-importance to music. While being technically a form of art, it's so omnipresent, it's now a mere commodity. We'd notice if it were gone one day, but so far there's so much of it that the chances of that happening and super-slim.

Meta-meanings seem to be vanishing.

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Jesse_The_Poet on 10/02/2016 at 12:25AM

What Music Makes Me Feel.

I was introduced to FMA today. I was also introduced to Scott Holmes, Scrapple, Joshua James Hunt (and soooo many more!) I have fallen in love with this Archive. I love the Shoegaze genre so much! Music, especially around this time of year

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Overkill_MSA on 06/29/2016 at 06:45PM


@Overkill_MSA #MindSpaceApocalypse




Insainment Music Magazine.





















create with flickr badge.

























  Insainment Gif

Gunship Tech Noir - video by Lee Hardcastle - Claymation Master


 MindSpaceApocalypse Gif


DyE Fantasy (based on H.P. Lovecraft)


  Insainment Gif


Demon Cottage Inn - Magic Mosquitos



Insainment Music
Mind Space Apocalypse


   --          Monarch Video Decoded





Shadows: The Dark Side of Beauty



-   Source   Reference    -


Your Dark Light in the Shallow Depths of a Wonderland Nightmare. - While death and darkness girdle me I grope for immortality. - The life of Man is a long march through the night, surrounded by invisible foes, tortured by weariness and pain, towards a goal that few can hope to reach, and where none may tarry long.

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JamesMartin on 03/14/2016 at 10:16AM

6 reasons why you should make music a regular part of your workout routine


Music at the gym is not entirely a new concept. We get used to the fact that fitness centres play invigorating tunes, but many visitors don't pay much attention to them and treat music as a background noise. On the other hand, music can significantly improve motivation and interestingly differentiate any workout routine. Keep on reading to find out the reasons to work out with music and discover surprising benefits that come with it.


  1. It’s a good kind of distraction


There are days when it is extremely hard to focus on doing sophisticated yoga asanas or Pilates routines, especially if you have a lot on your mind. For those times, keep a playlist of soft guitar music or contemporary Indian devotional tunes to get in the zone, forget about the world and just focus on completing your routine.


2. It elevates the mood


Research shows that listening to music can significantly improve your mood, as the brain, when stimulated by sounds, releases dopamine, which helps regulate our emotional responses. When music is combined with physical exercises, the body and the mind get a boost of energising chemicals that make you feel better in the blink of an eye.


3. It gets you in the right frame of mind


When attending Pilates or yoga classes, you may notice that every instructor has a very personal relationship with music. Some refrain from playing anything and let the participants carefully control their breaths; others go for classics; and then there are those who choose the music depending on the age of the group. A wonderful thing is that every approach has its undeniable benefits. If, however, you have some motivational issues, playing the right kind of music can kick-start any Pilates or yoga practice and inspire a solid workout.


4. It helps you keep pace


Have you ever wondered why so many runners have their headphones on? It is because music helps you keep the right pace and go beyond your limits. So, if you want to up your running game, make a playlist of dynamic tunes and just run with it. But keep in mind that a too-fast music tempo can trigger the opposite effect and effectively demotivate you.


5. It spices up your routine


No matter how hard you try, sometimes Zumba moves just don't come together. The underlying advantage of music is that it makes you want to move, as the groovy rhythm stimulates the area of the brain responsible for motor skills. So, whenever you have hard times remembering the steps or putting a choreography together, play some inspiring Latino sounds.


6. It calms you down


Any workout session would not be complete without a set of good stretching exercises at the end. While popular pop and rock songs are most recommended for cardio workouts, you should choose something more peaceful for the end of your practice. Soothing tunes speed up post-workout recovery and help you collect your thoughts.


As you can see, working out with music has many benefits for the body and for the mind. So don't wait up – make a playlist and crank up those tunes!


From James Martin, an instructor and marketing specialist at Bend + Mend - physiotherapists from Sydney.


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