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DreamMovieWatcher on 11/14/2017 at 08:32AM

Review of Film 'District 9'

I am a fan of different movies and TV series and I prefer to watch them at Dreamfilmen online. Last time I watched 'District 9' and I want to express my opinion towards it.

THIS IS AN AMAZING FILM. But only if you like guns, aliens, sci-fi etc..., definitely more one for the boys! The premise of the film is that an alien spaceship has made its home over Johannesburg, and the aliens (or prawns as they're known), start settling in slums.

The human residents get a bit peaved by this, and try and evict them, when something bad happens to one of the guys leading the eviction. I don't want to spoil the plot, but the story that unfolds henceforth is fantastic. The special effects are great, but the guns are really something else. If there's one bad point to it, it's that the special effects team do go about OTT with exploding humans.

There's an underlying subplot that shows that despite what people look like, we can work together to help each other. The way that the film is shot is also interesting - it's starts out being filmed a bit like a documentary, but about halfway through (and you don't even notice it) it turns into a normal film.

I would disagree with previous sentiments that this is a film only for science fiction fans. I watched it recently to see what all the fuss was about and i have to say i liked it much more than i thought i would. And i'm not a science fiction fan. I have never really been a fan of the whole alien genre but i this film was sufficiently multi-layered and there are several different messages you can take away from it. 

I think i liked it because it surprised me. It has it's comedy moments and there is a love story running through it, albeit in the background. I loved the way the film was shot and the fact that it was quite anti-hollywood, i.e. the main character wasn't particularly likeable and no-one had gleaming white teeth and cheesy one-liners (there were some quite cheesy moments however). I would recommend this film to anyone, those who think they wouldn't like it might be surprised.

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RadioIdiot on 12/22/2011 at 03:00PM

(Working Title) !


    Hey! I'm getting started on my first 'real' film of the year. Not sayig that any of my previous ones weren't real,

    just that I'm entering this one in my school's film festival. I'll keep this updated as we go along, but there's not

    much of a real plot to speak of yet. And yeah, we're working on a title.

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