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jason on 03/06/2013 at 08:45PM

Post-Materialists from the Moscow Underground

Moscow's Post-Materialists (Пост-Материалисты) are too weird for Moscow's conservative venues. But they don't care. Inspired by freeform experimental groups like The Residents and Big City Orchestra, and in-league with locals like Asian Women on the Telephone and Arabian Horses, the Post-Materialists' sound is best heard in Moscow's basements and abandoned factories.

Sergey founded Post-Materialists in 2008, starting out as a half-improvised duo with Kobyla. Sergey is a saxophonist, riff-master and lyricist who performs solo as Fish Eye, and plays in everything from hip-hop to noise rock groups. Kobyla cut his teeth on post-punk guitar and synth-pop. Additional members join in on anything from effects pedals to violin, so even as songs take shape, Post-Materialists keep the spirit of improv and continue to evolve.

The group has developed a following not only in the fringes of Moscow, but all over the world thanks to releases on international labels like Cack Tapes, Retrotrasher, Underground Pollution and Hiroshima Toy Pet. I first heard about them through a tape on Portland Oregon's Eggy Records with art by Massachusettes experimentalist Sam Gas Can

Of the 25+ tracks that Post-Materialists have shared here on the FMA, I've picked out a few of my favorites below. "Jazz Flutes" and "I'm Sitting On You" are from the sax-surfin-on-sludge release Teenage Gigantizm"Glyptique" is some of that hypnotic synth burble from their twisted new 7". "Mathematic Nightmare" recalls coconspirators AWOTT and can be found on Junky Tapes alongside an industrial take on "Venus in Furs". "Backward City" is indicitive of the lo-fi downbeat drone incantations from Post-Pop, originally released on a cassette on Russia's Cack Tapes. And their First EP finds roots in a pot'n'pan approach to no wave, in the vein of "Evening Event."

Check out a live rendition of "Teenage Giganitizm" and a music video called "Singer of Sad Songs" after the jump.

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lizb on 09/23/2010 at 12:00PM

First Class Dada Rock: Asian Women on the Telephone

Fans of noise rock, experimental ruminations, epic weirdo jams, or Brooklyn's Oneida should check out the great Russian band Asian Women on the Telephone.

I've posted a few of my favorite AWOTT songs below, but to really do the band justice, you must check out their youtube videos. When the band performs live, they dress up like overgrown mutant arthropods.

Fire up your browser's Russian-to-English translator and get in on AWOTT's other web activity: podcast | blog. Band member Nikita runs a blog/distro, and possibly other great and mysterious operations from his home base in Moscow.

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