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elementperspective on 05/23/2013 at 04:19AM

EPVtape001- N-qia

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natalieee on 01/03/2013 at 02:26PM

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 3

That's right! 2012 is over! We've had another amazing ride this year: we've reviewed a new free & legal album download for you every day [yes, weekends too!] and promoted 23 hand picked artists with our sister software FrostWire. With thisFrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 3 we would like to celebrate over 2,1 million free and legal downloads [and still counting!] generated only in 2012 by our promotions and the many additional ones that came from all FrostClick readers who fell in love with new artists found though our site.

If we would have been distributing our promotions still on CDs and lined them up by the shorter end side by side, we would need 162 miles [or 260 kilometers] of road to do so!!!
If we would have been distributing our promotions still on CDs and had to manufacture them all, we would have ended up with over 290 thousand pounds [or 131 thousand kilograms] of plastic!
If one download would equal one fan and all our artists would do a concert together, they would fill more than 118 Madison Square Gardens to accomodate them all!!!


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programamarcabranca on 11/07/2012 at 09:15AM

Marca Branca #4 - Some Portuguese Hip-Hop

Creative Commons licensed photo by eny-one

For the past 30 years, hip-hop has been the musical language of struggle: no matter what you’re rapping about lyrics tend to be some kind of personal statement. Although it was born in the US, throughout the years hip-hop has been adapted and reinvented a bit all over the world. Its sound has also evolved collecting both global and local influences. However, one of the features that seem to be perpetuated along the way is the use of the mother tongue regardless of the place you’re at. Portugal is no exception.

J-K - "Perspectivas" (03:57)
J-K - "Perspectivas" (03:57)
J-K - "Aperitivos" (03:49)
J-K - "Aperitivos" (03:49)
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kademlia on 01/04/2012 at 04:00PM

FrostClick presents: FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 2

FrostClick presents: FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 2

Yes! The time has finally come. It was a thrilling ride all throughout 2011; a ride that led us to discover some truly amazing artists whose music made our mornings worth getting up to and turned each evening into one unforgettable party!

Today we want to celebrate all that talent and over 2.3 Million Free and Legal Downloads our promotions generated only during 2011.

We proudly present to you the Second official FrostClick/FrostWire mixtape. And just as before, all of the music in this compilation is available as a free download under Creative Commons. So get yours now and open your ears to some new great quality music!



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kaplev on 10/04/2010 at 06:44PM

Hola Nola: A Mixtape Series: Volume 4

Bourbon's Got It Covered 

Hola Nola- When describing an every day, you-can-count-on-it, Bourbon Street stroll, one would never leave out such essentials as the foot long Hand Grenade, neon colored shots served from graduated cylindershanded to you from the curb by young women (aka Tulane and Loyola students) decked out in slutty nurse Halloween costumes, 'Huge-Ass Beers To Go', and the occasion gutter punk crusade cruising through on their mile-high two-wheelers, a spectacle within a spectacle.  But what is the soundtrack to this 24/7 block party, aside from the one and only Chris Owens, the tucked away Jazz coming from Irvin Mayfield's Playhouse in the Royal Sonesta, and the Karaoke classics coming from classy joints with even classier titles, such as 'Bourbon Cowboy'?  Covers.  No matter what time of day, what day of the week, or how many people are in the bar (at varying levels of consciousness), the enthusiastic passerby seeking a dose of live music will have a hard time finding anything other than sub-par renditions of your typical AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Bon Jovi, and Journey favorites.  Because these round the clock musicians cover nothing but the classics (sometimes changing it up with a Pearl Jam's 'Better Man', or a Thin Lizzy tribute medley), I aim to expose the off-the-bourbon-beaten path re-inventions, as these covers don't merely rinse-and-repeat, they rejuvenate an old favorite into something completely new, with the artist in attempt's personal flavor on his adopted track.  This clearly reminds me of only one thing: To Be Born, First One Must Die (see Chapter 1 of The Satanic Verses, Rushdie).

A wise Canadian by the name of Ann Nagel once explained to me the criteria for a respectable cover song. I'll borrow her theory, basing my evaluation on originality redeemed through interpretation.  A cover is a true success when it takes time into the first verse, and possibly not until the chorus, until one even recognizes what song is being recycled. 

A few songs fit this criteria, but unfortunately are not featured in this week's interactive playlist (as they are hackneyed in my mind due to the course of excitement-->obsession-->outplaying-->I can never hear this song again-->2 years later-->omg this song is amazing why haven't I heard it in so long?)  I am currently in the 4th stage of this mutated Kubler-Ross cycle of belief, but highly recommend these extremely creative versions to the unindoctrinated:  'Jimmy' (Of Montreal's take on MIA's original), 'Modern Romance' (TV on the Radio's re-do of the YYY's Fever To Tell's hidden track) 'Turn Me On' (CocoRosie's breathtaking reformation of Kevin Lyttle's masterpiece, that I was blessed with live, five years ago at Boston's Paradise Rock Club) and 'Too Little, Too Late' (Dan Rossen of Grizzly Bear covering Jojo).  If these are not already musics to your ears, use your eyes and find them on any of the myriad of blogs that have been posting these special editions for years.

I begin this playlist with the most recent Grizzly Bear cover, who seems to be nostalgic for Hot Chip's good old days of The Warning, with a bear boned acoustic 'Boy From School' (also check out Hot Chip's recent strip down of Sinead's cover of Prince's 'Nothing Compares 2 U).  This is a reverberatingly raw recording that pairs well with a melancholy afternoon of fogged window finger doodling and some jasmine green tea (perfect for the imminent blast of April showers).  Not to get all Liz Lemon on ya'all, but this is a slanket in song form (see also Jens Lekman's 'You Can Call Me Al' for a similar effect).  So that this playlist doesn't pan out to be such a downer, and because I omitted a cover of Franz Ferdinand, I will include a cover by these Scotsmen with LCD Soundsystem's 'All My Friends'.  It's not overly daring, nor does it stray too far from LCD's, but I've always enjoyed it, and for a time listened to it more often than the original.  Keeping it upbeat is possibly easily one of my favorites on the list, Kate Bush's 'Hounds of Love' by the Futureheads.  A friend put this on a summer tape for me two summers ago, and I am not, and never will be sick of this tune.  RaRaRiot has recently dabbled in this Kate Bush rarity during live shows (I was witness to this great moment during their encore at BAM back in February), and it hurts to say it, but they don't hold a candle to the Futurehead's mastery.  Kate Bush's version is recommended as well.  Throwing some soul into the mix is a new find, by an artist I've been listening to since her punkier Riot Grrrl era with tracks like 'Sweet Baby' and 'And You Know', but who has only gained strength with her cleaner, well-produced sound on the latest Men in Love full-length.  The Gossip will blow you away with the late Aaliyah's 'Are You that Somebody', and Beth Ditto needs no Timbaland to break it down.  Mentioning the revolutionary Riot Grrrl scene (and zine) brings us to quite the innovative remake of Feist's '1, 2, 3, 4' who's single and impressively long single-take music video made a splash with her successful comeback post Let It Die's overwhelming success.  This cover is by the lesser-known Bikini, not to be confused with Riot Grrrl's Kathleen Hanna's band Bikini Kill (pre JD’s ‘stache and the rest of Le Tigre).  Staying on the Feist train (Bright Eyes does a croaky yet cheery 'Mushaboom' that may be of interest, but not to this playlist), is a beautiful Gonzales piano solo of the fourth track on Let it Die, the jazzy 'One Evening', off of Feist's own Open Season: Remixes and Collabs.  Just connecting the dots, over here.


Hola Nola: A Mixtape Series, ...

Remember Glastonbury in 2008?  Neither do I, but apparently their music fest had a diverse lineup with headliners ranging from The Verve to Jay-Z (A la 'Bittersweet Dirt off Your Shoulder') and second-tier acts from Coldplay to Kylie Minogue.  And in celebration of this well-rounded cast of characters, Coldplay took liberties on Ms. Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' during their performance (For another live blowout, not featured on today's Hola Nola, get at The White Stripes tackling Dolly Parton's "Jolene').  Keeping the dancefloor afloat is sir Sean Paul and his cover of Alton Ellis's 'I'm Still in Love with You', both versions equally satisfying.  Inching into Hip-Hop territory, I present a song that I have mixed feelings about, mostly because it's sappy and lame, but I keep listening to to the scene rap group Barbara puts a startlingly different spin on Kid Cudi/MGMT's 'Pursuit of Happiness' with this acoustic version, fit for early morning Nick Jr. programming.  However, it passes the test of transformation, and I'm kinda into it, so I'm putting it out there.  And now for some awe-inspiring blood harmony, aided by the Swedish sisters of First Aid Kit, with their 'gift' to Fleet Foxes, 'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song'.  I highly recommend the Youtube video, for a full understanding of the magnitude of this performance.  And to close is a short cover by Metronomy (better known for their remixes) with this Klezmer-infused reconstruction of B. Spizzy's 'Toxic'.   And there you have it, a conglomerate of cover songs that may never make it to Bourbon Street, but have been taken in by NoDef, and now (hopefully) by you too.

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Arborea - "Redbird" (02:53)
Arborea - "Redbird" (02:53)
Modey Lemon - "Crows" (02:48)
Modey Lemon - "Crows" (02:48)