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ayeko on 12/16/2012 at 07:58PM


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infosilencedbe on 10/02/2012 at 05:00AM

A mystical creature rises...

From the hinterland of Norfolk rises a mystical creature… MAGIC PANDA is melodic, fast and pulsating in a dreamy ambient context. We came across this talented producer on Soundcloud. Amongst all the young and upcoming, our magical friend showed some striking sound engineering skills. Combine this hard fought experience with a dreamful, restless soul and this is what you get: A magnetic, wonderful new world in which to lose ourselves...


[shhht_16] by magic panda

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katya-oddio on 05/14/2010 at 06:15PM

Warm Orange

Australian label Patterns Community Sound Centre may not have a website any longer, but they have left a legacy through their recordings. This debut EP by Lagos Disco Machine is testimony. With thumb pianos, effects, and found sounds, the WARM ORANGE EP entertains your ears and brain with organic and electronic sound layers. Lagos Disco Machine is a misleading name, as only one selection is a dance track. In face, track three, "Lord Pear," sounds more like a tribal field recording. For clocking in at about 20 minutes, this EP takes your ears all over the place and back again. Enjoy it here at the FMA.

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