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programamarcabranca on 11/07/2012 at 09:15AM

Marca Branca #4 - Some Portuguese Hip-Hop

Creative Commons licensed photo by eny-one

For the past 30 years, hip-hop has been the musical language of struggle: no matter what you’re rapping about lyrics tend to be some kind of personal statement. Although it was born in the US, throughout the years hip-hop has been adapted and reinvented a bit all over the world. Its sound has also evolved collecting both global and local influences. However, one of the features that seem to be perpetuated along the way is the use of the mother tongue regardless of the place you’re at. Portugal is no exception.

J-K - "Perspectivas" (03:57)
J-K - "Perspectivas" (03:57)
J-K - "Aperitivos" (03:49)
J-K - "Aperitivos" (03:49)
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programmamarca on 09/27/2012 at 12:00PM

Marca Branca #2 - Morsa - Morsa

It is not every day that Portuguese language makes international headlines. However, next month (yes, October) Monocle edition seems to change that paradigm and Portuguese is not only a feature, but the major focus of the entire issue. With this said, we proudly announce that the first place of the inspirational list of cultural entities or personalities is taken by a netlabel.

Founded in 2010, ZigurArtists is not only a netlabel but also a collective whose members strongly believe art and information should be free. Under the motto "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life.", the community from Lamego aims for something greater than just releasing some records on the web every once in a while (something they also do). For the past couple of years, they have also produced one of the city's cultural highlights: the ZigurFest, a two-day music festival held in the end of August with some of the most exciting Portuguese acts, redesigning the old town cultural landscape for good.

"Morsa" is the fourth release coming from the Zigur family. It is also a one-man project headed by Manuel Guimarães where different influences and styles converge in a new genre of music and sensuality. With a soft mixture between downtempo and a sparkling psychedelic jazzy touch, the record is now also available here on Free Music Archive. Please, take your time to listen and share.

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programamarcabranca on 09/20/2012 at 10:30AM

Marca Branca #1 - Clorofila Azul - Revisitado (com Voz)

Photo by Paul Farla.

Despite the financial crisis going on around here, Portugal has been one of Europe's finest netaudio producers over this last decade, being the home country of some of the most prolific netlabels on this continent, such as Enough Records, MiMi Records or Test Tube.

Clorofila Azul is a one-man-project and an alter-ego of Hugo Santos, a multimedia artist from Oporto. Started in 1997, his music saw the daylight ten years later when Lisbon based netlabel Test Tube released a series of two records with a selection of some of his best tracks. "Revisitado (com voz)" was the first volume to be published. The twelve track record is a delightful IDM/experimental pop collection, with a nice blend between catchy tunes and some irresistible sound bytes.

Since 2008, Programa Marca Branca has been the only regular portuguese radio show exclusively dedicated to netaudio and free culture, with weekly podcasts and features on this digital universe.

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