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The_Piano_Lady on 04/10/2018 at 04:11PM


Dear Friends,

We're so happy to release our new album ‘LIGHT IN YOUR HEART’. Believe it or not, music and happiness are related therefore we've composed for you MUSIC of happiness and joy. This album contains compositions for sax quartet, sax duet, saxophone and piano. Ivan Dyma plays all saxophone parts (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone) and both saxophone and piano part in the Chinese Umbrellas Ragtime.


Ivan Dyma, saxophonist, pianist & arranger

Lena Orsa, composer & pianist

Nick Orsa, sound producer

V. Osinsky Recording Studio

The album is available online on Google Play here >>>

on CDBaby here >>>

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this album!

We hope you enjoy this happy music which was created with all our LOVE. Thank you for your listening and great support! ♥ P.S. LIGHT IN YOUR HEART will be available on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube very soon…


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cheyenne_h on 02/09/2016 at 05:03PM

Fourteen Songs About Love (Kinda)

We wanted to share the love with y'all this week, since it's close to THAT holiday... some call it "Singles Awareness Day," but we like to think that everyone has some kind of love in their lives (even if it's the undying devotion that most of us feel toward our favorite kind of pizza).

Our setlist is comprised of songs that are all free to download, share, and make derivatives of! So you can use these in videos, remixes, podcasts, etc - just be sure you follow the terms of each license!

Ayla Nereo, "Oh Love" CC BY NC SA
Blanket Music, "Stand To Love" CC BY NC
One Watt Of Love, "Say You Are Mine" CC BY NC SA
Steve Combs, "Love Is Chemical" CC BY
TV Girl, "Lovers Rock" CC BY NC
Quiet Music For Tiny Robots, "You Were My Robot Lover" CC BY
Oh Yeah, The Future, "Lovedreams" CC BY
Gorowski, "Love Is All" CC BY NC SA
Cloudjumper, "Complex Love," CC BY NC SA
The Agrarians, "We'll Make Love Anew" CC BY NC SA
The Polish Ambassador, "Unrequited Droid Love" CC BY NC SA
The Zombiecops, "Recepie of Love" CC BY NC SA
The Soft Pink Truth, "I Love Your Ass" CC BY NC
Anitek, "Heartbreakers" CC BY NC SA


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ExplicitTruth on 11/24/2011 at 04:22AM

Love the site

ok so I have only been playing around with the site only a few minutes but I must say that I think it's the greatest. I will def spread the word on this site. It's awesome! Well, I'm off to explore some more. 



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diegodotta on 08/21/2011 at 06:21PM

Cyané - Aves, Volar Así

I make a proposal video for my girlfriend with part of this music. Thanks Cyané!

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cian, love, proposal, married
diym on 09/05/2010 at 09:01AM

5 by diym netlabel

5 Cover Art

When we released "one" our first compilation late last december, we didn't expect to come so far so quick. Just nine months on and we are already 7 albums old!

This here is our latest offering, a collection of five acoustic gems.


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