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“Logan Whitehurst And The Jr Science Club” (Used 3 times)

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katya-oddio on 05/20/2010 at 12:00PM

Quirky Genius of Logan Whitehurst

detail from the album cover

Logan Whitehurst began uploading his original songs to back in 1997 and gained a strong online following for his music. His quirky songs were regularly played on Dr. Demento and often compared to the likes of They Might Be Giants. Whitehurst was a multi-instrumentalist and an accomplished graphic artist. Tragically, Logan passed away from a brain tumor at the age of 29.

Lee Rosevere of Happy Puppy Records worked with the Whitehurst family to provide the world a posthumous anthology of Logan's work. The 10 song collection, AN INTRODUCTION TO LOGAN WHITEHURST AND THE JR. SCIENCE CLUB, is now available on the Free Music Archive.

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