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JSTV on 07/24/2019 at 04:40PM

How hard to survive for the homeless in a big city

No matter how affluent society becomes, homeless continues to be a significant problem in urban cities that stands out. People on the street or about to be homeless desperately wonder how they end up that way and how they can survive. Homelessness is not a choice, as it can happen to anyone when you happen to be down on your luck. People in desperate conditions about to go on street contemplate what to do and how to survive being homeless. If you find yourself without a roof, it means that you are too sick to get a job, are alone, addicted and have outlived your stay at family’s and friends’ houses.

According to a review by Yale, nearly 150 million people are homeless at a global level. Homelessness in the United States is a growing problem. Ironically, even the most politically active and influential, economically well-off and high-income cities happen to have a sizable homeless populace. The causes of homelessness in the USA are multiple, as a persuasive essay on homelessness explores: unemployment, inability to afford the rent, addiction, health issues, bad choices, walking away from an abusive relationship, being a product of a broken home, inflation, etc. According to a BBC article, Los Angeles had more than 50 thousand people without a roof on a single night.

Some cities and their inmates are more tolerant of the shelterless as compared to others. The best place to be homeless is the kind of city where the weather is moderate and there is a support system and resources to serve the needs of people who are on the street to help them get off it. This homelessness essay is an attempt to give one certain ideas to make one’s vagrancy situation a little better.

Make use of Shelters

Harsh weather can be the worst enemy of a vagabond. Being too hot, too cold or too wet can make it very hard for one to live on the street. In Britain and America, there are day centers where one can find shelter during winters and the rainy season. Most centers are meant for staying during the daytime only, but there are certain shelters, hostels and transitional houses operated by philanthropic organizations and churches and synagogues that can provide relief for day and night both. These shelters not just provide a roof on the head but also free or cheap meals, walk-in medical and emergency facilities and even job placement assistance. Most shelters are free of cost; meanwhile, one has to pay an amount as small as $2 or $3 per night to stay there. However, one cannot stay indefinitely in temporary housing. Your case is reviewed after a stipulated time, and you have to move to provide space to others.

Get a Vehicle

Another type of homelessness is living in your car or van, which is way better than living on the curb. If you have little money left, don’t waste it on rent and get a cheap, secondhand but dependable car from an auction or from Craiglist, where they cost as low as $300. You can use this car to live in, keep your belongings, hunt for a job and reach there. There are specific parking lots in certain cities like San Diego, Seattle and Santa Barbara where you can park overnight for free and use the restroom and shower facilities. Certain Walmart branches also allow homeless individuals and families to use their parking facilities overnight. If you cannot afford a car, get a bike and a tent.

Eat Whatever You Can

When you are homeless, getting fed would be a challenge. Even if you can buy ingredients, you have no place to cook it. But there are food banks from charitable organizations and soup kitchen who can keep hunger at bay. Besides soup, these places also serve sandwiches, coffee and muffins. The homeless have to stand in lines for hours to get them. Also, there are vans by charitable food programs that distribute food items in different areas. The Salvation Army, church-run programs and good Samaritans also provide food. The problem is that there is no guarantee that these meals are consistent, adequate and nutritious. There is far too much pasta, breads, canned food and pastries but not enough vegetable and fruits. As a result, the youth and the elderly gradually become malnutrition or sick. Going through trash bins or begging for food is also common.

A person who is deeply committed to getting off the street would find a way to do so. This means finding a way to make some money. You can panhandle, do odd jobs, sell stuff on the street for money and at least get back some control on your life. However, all these efforts need to be backed by the government’s support structure and the local community’s support.

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FMAmp3 on 04/11/2012 at 01:00PM

MP3 of the Day: Maya Solovey, "A Vida"

Maya Solovéy is a trilingual singer/songwriter who lived in Massachusettes, Ecuador, and Spain before settling in New York. She sings in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

"A Vida" is sung in Portuguese over Brazilian-style guitar. It can be found on Maya Solovéy, I:II , a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA release.

If you've enjoyed Maya Solovey's music thus far, you can invest in her next EP and receive commissions just by spreading the word—a pretty cool idea from the new fundraising platform Sokap.

Maya Solovéy @ FMAwwwBandcamp | Sokap  | 

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