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CreativeWorkshop on 01/08/2012 at 03:23PM

Jazz Friends 2012 is born!



The Jazz Friends together again. Old friends and new friends came together to make this album that continues the exploration of jazz and blues, its contamination, blending with other genres. The result is a varied and colorful landscape  of that, more than any other, is instinctive music, improvisation, by their own feelings. Numerous collaborations this time, a distinctive feature of those who make music in the Creative Commons. Share projects, music, experiences.

Also this year we have with us the young Stefano Mocini, this time under the expert guidance of an highly experienced Jazzman, Robert Daglio.The passion that is showing for this music genre, I must admit, fills me with satisfaction,  Stefano was very good. They are this year represented 6 countries (Spain, Croatia, France, Belgium, Germany and Italy) with 21 musicians and 16 songs. Enjoy!

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Jazz Friends 2012 by Jazz Friends

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