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Uncle_Dracula on 06/04/2012 at 01:14AM

Backyard Mosh

This one's a good-time punk party to make those old teenagers dizzy and sweaty again... hell, it's for you teens all softened up by nowadays too! Turn it up, let's slam, pogo, and lose control. Here's a house full of punks ready for volume, Ma & Pop are away for the weekend, goodbye lawn! A full listen will result in cold pizza for tomorrow's breakfast.

-Uncle Dracula

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lizb on 08/26/2010 at 09:00AM

Understanding the Tape Craze

Photo by INDEED (CC by-nc-sa)

About two years ago or so, great new bands began sending their latest albums to WFMU on cassette tapes. By no means am I a format purist, but... cassette tapes?! I couldn't help but recoil in aversion.

I chalked up the resurgence of cassette tapes to some sort of imagined nostalgia by a generation who are too young to have been scarred by their favorite album being melted in a dashboard or chewed up and spat out by a machine in revolt. I still apply that bitter sentiment to many tape releases, but in reality I must admit that making a mix CD or MP3 playlist will just never compare with the experience of making a mixtape, plus, a lot of music does sound great with that warm hiss in the background (check out the Polyps).

I gave a listen to some new songs added to the FMA by the band Lame Drivers (featuring Jason), and was delighted to discover that they turned a cassette tape mishap into awesome, sped-up, cartoon/chipmunk-like lo-fi dance jams. They call it a "Martian timeslip experiment." This is the kind of cassette tape release I can get behind!

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lame drivers, the polyps

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