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“Kyle Eyre Clyd” (Used 2 times)

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cheyenne_h on 01/07/2016 at 03:44PM

Kyle Eyre Clyd and Furchick on FMA in Village Voice's Best Noise Tracks of 2015

Kyle Eyre Clyd & Furchick, respectively.

We're proud to share that two tracks from our WFMU Live collections have appeared on a "Best Noise Tracks of 2015" collection in the Village Voice!

Furchick's track from Blurred and Obscured on WFMU, "Get A Haircut," was named #24, and "Untitled 1" by Kyle Eyre Clyd, performed on Strength Through Failure with Fabio, was named #15. The sessions aired on WFMU but are also in our collection of WFMU Live Performances here on the Free Music Archive. You can stream or download the tracks (or the full sets) here on FMA.

While we're shamelessly bragging, we'll also mention that some other artists on the list have been featured on FMA, as well: How I Quit Crack, Wolf Eyes, Gagu, Lightning Bolt, Ashtray Navigations, Limbs Bin, and Jah Excretion. Thanks to Raymond Cummings for including some FMA tracks in the mix!

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