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“Kenlo Craqnuques” (Used 2 times)

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elizalomas on 07/31/2010 at 03:39PM

Correction: Error-Broadcast

"Error" is the glitch that interferes with crept over mainstream hip-hop. "Broadcast" refers to Chuck D's idea of rap as an alternative social organ. Together, it's golden age independent hip-hop.

This is the mantra behind the record and net-label Error-Broadcast, who release off-kilter electronica blended with experimental hip-hop. Run by Flip and Swift, they have picked prodcucers from all shores to represent their sound of the future. The FMA holds a selection of their output from 2009, and the following comes highly recommended.

Added by Phlow Magazine, LA's shlohmo creates breezy hip-hop with familiar West Coast Low End Theory vibes. He infuses his beats with abstract echos of night-time backyards- unfamiliar yet wholly endearing. Perhaps the best way to describe his musical creations would be what he named his album- "shlo-fi"

Face up raw and infected, face down soulful and majestic, Kenlo Craqnuques has left in FMA's hands two astonishing albums. His most recent being the dub heavy, Madlib inspired Brun is an epic 17 track chaotically charged killer.

For more of an overview of Error-Broadcast, listen to Pixelord pt. 2 - The Remixes, a compilation which features a variety of their artists such as Russia's RBMA graduate DZA, Demokracy and AshTreJinkins.

Read more at Error-Broadcast.

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