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dvd on 05/29/2012 at 07:30PM

J.S. Bach Open Sourced & Crowd Funded

After a wildly successful kickstarter campaign, the folks at the Open Goldberg Variations project have finally released their recordings of Bach's famous 1741 composition. Recorded in the Teldex Studio in Berlin (whose client list reads like a who's who of classical conductors and orchestras), producer Anne-Marie Sylvestre beautifully captures pianist Kimiko Ishizaka's performance of Bach's masterpiece. It is not every day that someone puts so much time and effort into a classical recording only to turn around and offer it up to the public domain free of charge. In fact, according to the project's creators, this is the first fan-funded, open source, and completely free recording ever produced. The recording is accompanied by a newly revised edition of the score open peer-reviewed and put together by musescore.

The recording is licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which effectively allows the recording to be used by anyone, for anything, in any way. It's the most "open" license offered by Creative Commons and is designed to assist artists who wish to waive their creative rights and dedicate their works to the public domain.

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Visit The Open Goldberg Variations on:

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We're very excited to share this monumental work and we can't give enough kudos to the Open Goldberg Variations team!


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