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clinical_archives on 01/11/2010 at 03:00PM

BLOB - Halloween

Ted "Deadly Tedly" Orr, John "Geeze" Lindberg, Harvey "Mudcat" Sorgen

This album was recorded at Sertso Studio in Woodstock, NY during October of 2007 - a period that culminated in one of the infamously historic BLOB live shows, this one complete with interactive video at Woodstock's Byrdcliffe Theater on All Hallows Eve.
The show sent folks running out into the woods howling. We hope the album strikes a similarly visceral chord with any and all listeners!

Ted "Deadly Tedly" Orr - midi guitar
John "Geeze" Lindberg - processed double bass
Harvey "Mudcat" Sorgen - drums

All compositions by Orr/Lindberg/Sorgen


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