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Halas_Radio on 08/26/2010 at 12:00PM

Tel-Aviv Hip Hop Supergroup 51%

51% is a super group of rappers and producers that started working together during 2005, they joined forces while working nights at J.C.M studios, on separate projects. 51% are: Taboo+, Jozeph, Shai Fishman, Avi Ashkenazi & Avi Golzman. After a year and a half of intense working the album was done. The band itself creates everything revolves the project, from the music to the graphics, clips, shows and publicity. In 51% everyone do what he does best and that's the corner stone that leads us forward. Till now we put out 2 albums. The debut album called “51 Percent” and the second one called “Zehu” (which is “That’s It” in hebrew).

Our manifest is "music should be free" that's the reason we give the album free in our shows. We believe that giving the album for free gives us more crowd and more intense relationship with the crowd. In order to keep close with our audience we also release songs to the internet every few months, and we let people download them for free. There is also a Collection of songs called “Songs From The Boidem” the include 24 songs of us in “Megatron” 51% form and also as solo artists (we do that once in a while).

In our shows we created an interactive system that helps up to communicate better with the crowd. In that system people can record themselves to a web cam & a microphone and then the system create a bit from them. Atop this crowd-generated beat, we are rapping. This concept is called “The Song With The Crowd”. Off course that’s not the only interactive thing we do in the show but in order to find out more you can just jump over and observe a show. You can also check out youtube channel for videos from the show (

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Halas_Radio on 07/15/2010 at 11:30AM

Aviv Mark - Uncontrollable Mumbles

Uncontrollable Mumbles [Milmulim Chasrei Shlita] is Aviv's first solo album, but he is by no means a beginner. Aviv has been in the music biz for 16 years now, and is fondly remembered as the leading man of The Subway Suckers, a punk-rock-grunge band.

The Subway Suckers released 2 albums on a major lable-NMC. The first, KOMOT KARKA VAMATA, came out in 1994. The next album was SHEKET NAFSHI which came out in 1996. the subway suckers started in 1992 and broke up in 1998.

In 2002, Aviv started a new band called Aviv Mark and the Philharmonic. They released their debut album in 2004. This album, Milmulim Hasrei Shlita (Uncontrollable Mumbling) is a departure from hispast works. It still rocks, though. Personal songs from the gut.

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