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NickyCook on 10/21/2017 at 05:53PM

Last breath into two souls will go

Adam died aged thirty years old on the eighteenth of April 2017

He was my first true love first kiss

my only my man my soulmate my sexy 

a life changing romance as never before experienced forever no matter what stronger than strong itself

me and myadam 

he is a dove

he is an angel

everyone who met him was humbled by his kindness and caring nature

he is not lost nor am i 

for he is with God 

and so am I 

forever x

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BNJMN_BNGR on 08/22/2015 at 05:44PM


Hope to hear from you

-B.A.N.G: Boldness And Nonstop Growth

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studio11 on 03/13/2014 at 11:14PM

Studio 11 Chicago - Free Beats Volume 4 - Kris Anderson

Inspired by the rotating flux of Chicago hip hop and rap artists that come into Studio 11, this collection of beats written by engineer/producer Kris Anderson was meant to touch on the sounds of everyday big city and urban life. While the drums for each beat remain street in flavor, what makes this collection stand out is the many music influences Kris incorporates from Dub to Poppy Electro and even Industrial. Whether you are looking for that next potential hit song or the perfect music bed for your commercial or video, this collection will bring the streets to your beats. Also be on the lookout for additional volumes by Kris as well as Studio 11 producer/engineer Alex Gross on Free Music Archive.

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ange on 12/26/2013 at 05:15PM

Deck Your Projects: Holiday Instrumentals

[Photo by krypto/Flickr]

Before your Christmas music fatigue sets in, unwrap this selection of festive and sparkly instrumental tracks for your holiday projects. Featured artists include Dan LerchSilence Is SexyLive Action Fezz and Candlegravity, a San Franciscan living in Tokyo. Plus, a few songs from junior85Seth PartridgePeter RudenkoJared C. Balogh and Freddy & the Indifferents. I threw in a few wonky oddball tracks towards the end from from Simon MathewsonRainbroPompey, and No Monster Club. The final song by OWL BRAIN ATLAS features wind and chimes, and could be used for many other things that are trying to caputre a cold feeling.


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studio11 on 12/10/2013 at 08:12PM

Studio 11 Free Beats Archive Volume 3 - Studio 11 Crew Offers Up More Free Beat Treats!

By Alex Gross

Late this year, Studio 11 welcomed veteran engineer Kris Anderson to the crew at Studio 11. Experienced in numerous genres of music, Kris has an exceptional knack for whippin' up thick slamming hip hop beats. I spent many a late night up at Studio 11 helping him to assemble this bangin' free beat set. Kris likes to work in Protools, so most of the beats are rooted from the Protools sequencer and soft synths.

Thumbing through the tracks, "City Scene" has a playful rotating synth and deep island bass sounds. "Military Green" hits hard with a refreshing upbeat clap sound that drives the track. "Shoulder Gold" kicks in with deep bass drive and lush synths yielding a refreshing feel good vibe. "Vunk" hits real nice with an opening marimba sound and some splashy synth runs. "Safety Pins" opens with a bombastic bass and upbeat winding synths. "Striped Umbrella" features a hard driving sensitive vibe highlighted by a soft electric keyboard melody. "Super Swanky" dives deep with a lush pad and a wide pulsing drum sound. "Outfit Game" features huge drums and a funky off beat key comp. "Zillion" lands with a sinister vibe highlighted by huge synth stabs. And lastly, "Plush Toys" features a playful harmomelodic soundset and thick 808 drums.

This is a great mood set for video instrumentals or the basis of vocal arrangements!

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