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wmmberger on 05/02/2013 at 09:59PM

The Face You Made: Arvo Zylo Live on My Castle of Quiet

©Wm. M. Berger

Arvo Zylo's recordings and talents run the range from truly overwhelming, confrontational, and chilling, to thought-provoking. His experimental sounds are rooted in the 1980s Raplh/LAFMS/post-TG international "noise boom." Over many releases and collaborations, he has maintained a character of the unexpected, though one always wants to hear what that next sonic mask will be. In his other projects Blood Rhythms, Saint Street, and Mister Fuckhead, Arvo guarantees provocative listening, and the "catchy" or more-easily-palatable nature of the work will naturally come and go, giving way to the horror.

The cassette-and-CDr album 333, his recent split with Death Factory, and some of the live solo work he's done recently, under his own name and as Blood Rhythms, all stand out to me as experimental music of the highest order from an original talent.

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Demagol on 03/05/2013 at 02:10PM

Pulsipher - Dark Star: Ascendancy

Dark Star: Ascendancy (2012)

"Dark Star: Ascendancy" is the second studio album by Pulsipher and the main part of the Ascendancy mini-franchise telling the story of a dark world inhabited by two warring races - Tagresh and their subjects, Vemal. Vemal strive to gain their freedom, but what if their victory results merely in a reversal of roles?

The album features dark, industrialized space ambient soundscapes and is inspired by a game titled The Tone Rebellion and the music of Nenad Vugrinec.






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S27 on 09/19/2011 at 04:18PM

Dissolved "Project 168" work now available in one collection

Brand new release for Section 27 from Scottish / Canadian resident Dissolved, this collection brings together music handpicked from four Dissolved EP's that were originally recorded between 2005 and 2009 for the ambitious "Project 168", a unique online project that ran for almost 4 years in which the artist had only 7 days to record an EP and submit it. This particular set of music was chosen by the artist himself and best represents the impressive quality of these creations.

If you're familiar with his work (see the previous S27 release with Trills, "PH:14" or his prolific back catalogue for reference) then you know already what to expect, timestretched tape loops, twisted and bent melodies from the depths, stomping industrial beats, scratchy EVP and found samples all riding a psychedelic wave. Sadly as we write it appears "Project 168" is no more so we're very proud to bring this collection to those who may have missed it first time around.

"Vaporous Weeks" can be downloaded or streamed here in the FMA, visit HERE.

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S27 on 07/27/2011 at 01:29AM

Altered:Carbon get "Reassembled"

Originally released in Feburary 2010, Altered:Carbon made its' debut with self-titled album Altered:Carbon to a very receptive audience. With the help of 16 artists from S27 and friends of the label, we present this excellent remixes collection "Reassembled", the featured artists used the source material from the original release and took it to pieces in their own way, creating a fresh new take of the album. 


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S27 on 04/17/2011 at 01:41PM

Sectioned v2.0 Compilation

Celebrating our 2nd year of all things S27, this super-sized compilation was lovingly created by the artists and friends of the label. Containing many diverse styles of electronic music, it serves as a document of the sounds that have come from Section 27 since its inception back in April 2009, and also covers the sounds of the coming months ahead. The album has also been split into chapters known as "Quadrants 1-4" each with their own sound and atmosphere.

Many thanks to everybody involved in this project and we hope you share and enjoy it. Play loud.

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