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Noise_Problems on 03/11/2013 at 02:28PM

Noise Problems 50th Release

Celebrating 50 releases on Noise Problems we decided to throw a party. For the 50th release we decided to record that party. The Secret Love Parade returns to Noise Problems a year after the OCCII recording from the Pageturner nr1 night, as well as NewYX formerly known as Storm from the Recipe Book night at the Winston release and introducing to Noise Probs two amazing bands Katadreuffe and Pony Pack. We are thrilled to have them complete the evening and make a fine extent to our live recordings collection.


March 11, 2011 was the date set for the event held at the OCCII in Amsterdam to celabrate the 50 releases at Noise Problems. All started quite natural recording a few nights here and there and before we knew it we had reached 50 bands on Noise Probs.

We had to do something about and decided to throw a party where we could choose the bands to record and called up some of the local Amsterdam bands we knew from the scene. The Secret Love Parade were the perfect act of solid electronic beats and postmodern pop melodies to kick things off and set a mood for the evening. New YX where also known to us. Their sound is dary, a fusion of danceable electro and post-rock tunes great to make the transition to the loud part of the night. 

Soon after Noise Problems debutants Pony Pack made the crowd move and the heat to rise with fiery guitar riffs. Katadreuffe sealed it by combining most of the above elements into their noisy, post-punkish (massive) sound wave which enveloped everyone in the place into a tight hug.

Also for the occasion of the 50th release a compilation was issued to commemorate. Its 23 tracks are available in 6 volumes for download here at the FMA. Great tracks selected from amongst the first 50 Noise Problems releases. Check out the Selections too. All shows were recorded live between 2007 and 2010 at various Amsterdam venues.

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clinical_archives on 07/01/2011 at 03:00PM

Clinical Archives Mix - June 2011

Some best music and songs of June on a netlabel Clinical Archives.

01 - Ugol Ratmanova - I - 2:08 (ca447)
02 - Fake Plastic Heads - Sweet Cement - 4:46 (ca448)
03 - 16 lovers lane -  Death by Love - 4:43 (ca449)
04 - Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop - Type of Guy - 4:19 (ca450)
05 - Diversion Voice - Red River - 8:36 (ca451)
06 - Pharmakustik - Nigral Perfusion - 5:28 (ca452)
07 - dmyra - Mask to Me - 3:22 (ca453)
08 - Bosques de mi Mente - Dehardeiorar - 4:43 (ca454)

Total time: 37:50

Artists:  Ugol Ratmanova (Russia), Fake Plastic Heads (Germany), 16 lovers lane (Italy), Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop (Germany), Diversion Voice (Russia), Pharmakustik (Germany), dmyra (Costa Rica), Bosques de mi Mente (Spain)

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clinical_archives on 06/01/2011 at 04:43PM

Clinical Archives Mix - May 2011

Some best music and songs of May on a netlabel Clinical Archives.

01 - Opa! - Nakurilah - 4:43 (ca446)
02 - Agustin Strizzi Group - El Dueño de las Mentiras - 8:22 (ca444)
03 - Baristik Mi Gostembil Project - Bahar Uykusu - 1:12 (ca445)
04 - Sandro Marinoni - Dagon - 4:48 (ca443)
05 - Leandro Casas - El De’n Casa - 3:32 (ca441)
06 - Utrovortu - Pichuga (Tick) - 2:59 (ca440)
07 - Baristik Mi Gostembil Project - Baris vs. Serge - 2:01 (ca445)
08 - Agustin Strizzi Group - Intrincado - 6:53 (ca444)
09 - Lunatic Scale - VII - 7:00 (ca442)
10 - Baristik Mi Gostembil Project - Zamana Agit - 3:02 (ca445)
11 - Sandro Marinoni - Don Baltasar - 1:34 (ca443)
12 - Utrovortu - Po stakanchiku (Whip Off) - 2:13 (ca440)
13 - Leandro Casas - Pa’l Que Tuvo un Mal Día - 2:29 (ca441)
14 - Russian State Museum's Lottery - 5:35 (ca446)

Total time: 56:17

Artists:  Opa! (Russia), Agustin Strizzi Group (Argentina), Baristik Mi Gostembil Project (Turkey), Sandro Marinoni (Italy), Leandro Casas (Argentina), Lunatic Scale (Russia), Utrovortu (Russia)

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