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cheyenne_h on 07/08/2016 at 02:16PM

Samuel Corwin's Selected Field Recordings from India and Nepal

Image via flickr commons

A contributor to FMA (as a field-recording collector and a composer) shared three volumes of sounds and songs from India and Nepal earlier this year. Though they have garnered some attention (in part to their being licensed CC-BY, no doubt), we wanted to shine a light on these unique recordings. We've put together a playlist of some highlights for you, but please visit the full triple-volume set to soak it all in!

Of his recordings, Samuel says:

"I traveled from the south of India to Nepal and back again in the winter and spring of 2015.  The experience changed my life.  As much of these recordings are an expression of the place and temperament that is India and Nepal, I believe in a way they tell somewhat of my story, too (though in a different language).  All recordings are raw; only the length of time was edited in any way. Volume I is intimate.  Most songs were performed personally by musicians for me and are often playful or humorous. Volume II is music of the collective.  The performances are usually devotional or ritualistic in some manner, designed to bring performers and participants together.  The tone will waver between the celebratory and the solemn.  A majority of the performances were done in a public sphere and I was only one among many. Volume III is natural.  Soundscapes meant to create a three dimensional space; field recordings in the purest sense."

If you have traveled abroad and want to share your field recordings with us, please drop us a line.

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