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ZoeAnderson on 10/22/2015 at 08:08AM

6 ways for aspiring musicians to improve their musical talent


If you think it’s just a matter of time and training to perfect your musical talent, you're mistaken. Having a clear objective and following a regular training plan are your single best solutions for making the most from the time available to you each day of the week. Here are 6 smart ways inspiring musicians can improve their skills.


1. Define your objectives

The first step of your training should be establishing your goals – what are you looking for when playing your instrument? Is it personal satisfaction or do you need to pass an RCM or NMCP exam? Or maybe you'd like to share your musical skill with others and take the stage during music festivals? Determine what you want to get out of your musical studies and you'll be able to establish the right rhythm for your practice.


2. Plan your practice process

It's important that you decide what to do each day in order to optimize time spent on practicing. Maybe you need to analyze pieces and take them apart to fix issues? Or do you feel like running larger sections to help yourself put them back together? Are there any things that could help you to learn new pieces more efficiently? Have an instructor review your practice routine to develop a clear road to success.


3. Go public

Even if you believe that playing an instrument can be a solitary pursuit, remember that it's the act of performing that ultimately brings the music to life. For your sake as a musician, you should actively look for opportunities for participating in as many performances as possible – they can be studio recitals, salon concerts, festivals or even competitions. If you find yourself suffering from performance anxiety, this is the single best technique to help you deal with it. Performing great music to a responsive audience gives a rush of endorphins and is extremely rewarding.


4. Develop a regular practice schedule

Routine is key to success. The hardest part of improving your musical talent is maintaining the motivation to keep going – showing up every day for practice and spending lots of time afterwards mastering your skill. Dedication and determination are key here – even if you're very talented, music requires lots of hard work to help others see that talent.


5. Go for technical practice

Even if it's your least favorite part of playing your instrument, technical mastery is just as important as free play. In fact, learning the core skills of your trade is essential if you want to move forward playing music. Musicians need to perform repetitive practice of scales, arpeggios and chords. Once you’ve spent enough time learning these exercises, you’ll be able to recognize such elements in musical compositions and get closer to technical mastery of your instrument.


6. Train your ear

This is something that is always worth doing when you find some free time. Listen closely to different musical pieces. Can you hear the difference between the diminished and dominant fifth chord? What about a major and minor sixth? Maybe you should pay closer attention to really hear the distinctive sounds of plagal and authentic cadences? Training your ear to easily differentiate between such musical elements will help you to perceive musical detail and develop an entirely new perspective for listening to music.


7. Engage in a course

A specialized course led by an instructor who knows their way around a specific instrument will help you to develop particular skills which might be missing from regular curricula. Courses are often devoted to polishing one aspect of playing, so jump in and help yourself become a better musician.


By following these smart techniques, you'll be on your way to developing your musical talent and sharing your passion with everyone around you.


Zoe Anderson is an experienced writer, blogger and marketing assistant who shares her knowledge working at StudySelect. Personally a great fan of self-improvement literature, Zoe always tries to utilize the knowledge from the books she reads in order to learn new skills and abilities.


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clinical_archives on 10/09/2011 at 10:50AM

Clinical Archives Mix - September 2011

Some best music and songs of September on a netlabel Clinical Archives.

01 - Ujjaya - Raksha bandhan
02 - Valery & The Greedies - Where's Satan
03 - melting clouds - sandy star
04 - Sam Nacht / Leo Bettinelli / Gustavo Luvero - D2 D2 brazo largo
05 - Días de Septiembre - Feliz

Total time: 36:44

Artists:  Ujjaya (France), Valery & The Greedies (Russia), melting clouds (Ukraine), Sam Nacht / Leo Bettinelli / Gustavo Luvero (Argentina), Días de Septiembre (Venezuela)

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