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radonbooking_1620 on 05/17/2013 at 06:15AM

"The Prisoner" by Steve Mackay with Mike Watt, Henry Barnes, Kamilsky & Iggy Pop

Steve Mackay visits Beijing's Forbidden City, in between Chinese gigs

This year has been yet another strange chapter in the incredible musical voyage of Steve Mackay. After wrapping up a new album, he and his Stooges band-mates are touring the world once again. He joined his long time collaborators The Violent Femmes for a reunion show, the live Snakefinger album "History of the Blues" is going to be re-issued, and any free moment he is ready to join any of his numerous collaborators from 10 years of work with his "Radon Ensemble."

Preparing for our first release as Polyglot, "Sometimes Like This I Talk" we were thrilled when Iggy Pop offered to contribute vocals to a song and later used it for a feature in the New York Times-style "Godfather's of Glam" article. However, not being ones to brag...we credited his performance as Ypsi Jim, an old Michigan nickname. Unfortunately, the song received little attention and surprisingly the limited edition 7" has not even sold out.  

With our friends at WFMU and the Free Music Archive, we proudly offer a free listen to "The Prisoner" by Steve Mackay, with Mike Watt, Henry Barnes, Kamilsky and Iggy Pop.  

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