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MikeMatthews on 03/03/2011 at 05:43PM


Mike talks to characters from TLPOE!

Hello!  This is Mike Matthews taking the bus to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH!  This week we have a very special guest all the way from England named Eliza Doolittle.  Her debut album has gone platinum over there and now it's being released here in the States!  We'll talk to her and find out interesting tidbits you can't find out anywhere else with a singer who is constantly honored on "you tube" in her home country.  Her album comes out here on March 22nd.  I can not believe gas prices!  They're blaming it on Libya but reports say most of their gas doesn't go to us but to Europe.  I think they blame anything to crank the prices up.  Ow, I hurt my finger, crank gas prices up.  Do my bidding!People were protesting FOX news in Wisconsin while they were there covering the union issues going on.  Now can we all get together and protest EVERYTHING that's on TV?  It's all crap!  I am forcing myself to watch the Oscar's this weekend, but then, that's it!  Amazon's competing with Netflix now with their special streaming movies feature.  I never have to watch TV again!Next week we'll feature some of the "unheard" bits of my interview with singer/songwriter Ben Wilkins.  We'll also hear from the cafe characters including Chely Shoehart, the Disgruntled Fiddle Player, Benita the Rodeo Queen, Floyd the Floorman, Valentino the Parking Attendant, Bison Bentley, The Brewmaster, and John Boehner.  I know how much you miss them!So here's EFFIZODE NUMBER 20!  Yayyy!  I've finally produced a podcast that has gone to TWENTY!!!  I'm so happy!  Listen to the Eliza interview and find out about my recent "open mic" (the first one I've done in over FIVE YEARS!!!).  Click on the link below to hear the podcast... can subscribe on iTunes at!Mike

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