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bseretan on 01/17/2013 at 08:15AM

A Magnificent Band of Men Without Fear - A Band Magnifique dos Homes sen Medo

The Magnificent Men in question

Courtesy of Italian blogger and FMA contributer NetMusicLife, a fun band of 9 dudes wearing matching plaid jackets who speak Portugese. A Band Magnifique dos Homes sen Medo lands somewhere between a Buddy Rich style big band, the Skatelites, and a New Orleans wake with their brazzy, jazzy melodies and occasional shout choruses. While saxophones blare, a tuba holds down the basslines and two drummers carry around their own halves of the drumset. Surely Galicia's finest.

Plus, here's a great video of them marching through a mall/fish market - watch how the guitarist drags his amp around!

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